Adoptable (Official) Georgia Dogs for February 5, 2024


Adoptable (Official) Georgia Dogs for February 5, 2024

Coastal Pet Rescue in Metro Savannah is collaborating to open a Pet Pantry to help pet owners who cannot afford food for their pets, according to the Savannah Morning News.

CPR and Two Black Dogs Foundation are teaming up with the Effingham County Animal Shelter to help feed hungry pets of Effingham County residents who are enduring tough financial times.

CPR is a non-profit dedicated to animal rescue for abused and neglected cats and dogs in and around Savannah. Two Black Dogs Foundation provides affordable spay and neuter programs.

“Both organizations approached me within a day of each other,” Animal Shelter Director Lorna Shelton said. “They said, ‘We need to help people who have fallen on hard times.’ Since they didn’t have a stationary place to actually do this, they asked if we would join them as the ‘go to’ place if they supplied the food.”

The Pet Pantry, 307 Ga. Hwy 119 in Springfield, will open its doors Feb. 5. Hours of operation are 1-3 p.m. Monday-Friday.“If people need some help with pet food, we will have some applications for them to fill out,” said Shelton. “They will have to provide proof of residency in Effingham County.”

Shelton asks that folks who would like to donate bring dry dog and cat food, preferably Pedigree and Meow Mix.

“For a lot of people, pets can help with mental health challenges,” said [Coastal Pet Rescue Director Lisa] Scarbrough. “Financial issues are a huge stressor and is something that weighs heavily on people. I’ve read more than enough articles to know that when people are petting their pet, it lowers their blood pressure. It forces you to calm down. They don’t ask for a lot and are a source of comfort.”

Donations cannot be dropped at the Effingham County Animal Shelter. Food can be dropped off at either Coastal Pet Rescue, 7430 Thomas Ave. in Savannah, or Two Black Dogs Foundation on Oak Drive in Bloomingdale.

Pecan Pie is an 8-month old female Beagle and Hound mix puppy who is available for adoption from Coastal Pet Rescue in Savannah, GA.

Pecan showed up to her foster’s house on Thanksgiving Day. She was malnourished and skittish. She hadn’t eaten a proper puppy meal in days. We brought her inside, gave her a bath, and fed her. Her foster has 6 other dogs – 3 being Great Danes, and they all seem to get along. They also have 3 cats and she is very curious of them, but hasn’t bothered them. She loves to play the big dogs and she will also play by herself with stuffed animals. ( dog appropriate) Pecan is not house trained. We are working on that. She loves to cuddle at bedtime. She is very sweet and loving dog.

Hank is a 4-5 year-old male Beagle mix who is available for adoption from Coastal Pet Rescue in Savannah, GA.

Hank was originally rescued in 2020 but was recently returned to us by concerned citizens after he was found wandering the street.
We are still trying to evaluate Hank’s behavior, and reacquaint ourselves with him, but so far, he has been a sweet dog at our facility. He does have some separation anxiety (but who can blame him after who knows how long he was out roaming on his own). In typical Beagle fashion, he loves to sing you the song of his people; a unique musical styling to get your attention (or if left alone) so apartment living isn’t the life for him. He just loves to be with you and wants to remind you he’s there. If you’re looking for a sweet companion to serenade you, submit an application and let’s see if he’s the boy for you.

Sam is an 8-year old male Beagle mix who is available for adoption from Coastal Pet Rescue in Savannah, GA.

Sam is a really special senior who is going to need a really special someone who can give him the love and care he needs. Sam has a seizure disorder. While it is managed with medication and daily exercise, he is still prone to seizures when he gets really happy and/or excited. His foster tries to make sure he gets as much exercise as possible and walks him about 2 – 3 miles a day to keep his energy level on the lower side. Sam is a gentle soul who would be a great companion and is sure to melt your heart and make you laugh with his silly antics and playful spirit.

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