Adoptable Georgia Dogs for July 3, 2014


Adoptable Georgia Dogs for July 3, 2014


While the GaPundit pooches are as patriotic a pair as you’ll every meet, they’re also terrified of fireworks, like many of their brothers and sisters. Please keep a close eye on your canine and feline friends over the next couple of days. Check their collars and tags, and make sure that any information related to their microchips is updated. Nothing ruins a fine weekend like losing a pet. Keep safe, and love America.


Ranger is a great 4-year old tricolored Beagle. He is very playful, friendly and loves kids. Ranger is ready to find his forever home. Ranger is available for adoption from the Columbia County Humane Society in Martinez, GA.


Sadie is a pint sized girl with a full size personality! She is approximately 2.5 years old and is a Retriever mix.

This girl LOVES car rides and adores people of all ages and likes other dogs. She learns quickly and enjoys long walks. Sadie does not like being outside alone and would rather be by your side. Sadie was found running along Chamblin Road and welcomed being brought into the rescue! Sadie is crate trained and will just need a refresher in housebreaking.

Sadie is available for adoption from Heartsong Animal Rescue in Martinez, GA.


Betsy is nearly 7 months old and is quite the charmer! She is a gorgeous Plott Hound/Boxer mix and is full of personality! She LOVES people of all ages but is not good with smaller dogs and needs to be properly introduced to other dogs.
She is a sweetheart and loves attention. She plays a bit rough and needs some basic puppy training but she is a good girl and steals the hearts of the kennel staff every day with her antics. She has a wonderful personality…..she loves to take charge. She adores her stuffed animals and cuddling!


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