Adoptable Georgia Dogs for July 23, 2014


Adoptable Georgia Dogs for July 23, 2014


This is Pfeizer, and he’s not from Georgia, and he’s not available for adoption, but he illustrates a problem: senior dogs who end up in shelters typically don’t fare well, though this guy found the perfect forever home. Here’s what I first read about Pfeizer:

Pfeizer is a 16 year old Neutered male Golden Retriever mix that was surrendered by his owners on 7/17 because they couldn’t keep him anymore. He has some skin allergies on his back that the vet has been treating, but he is still irritated back there. He is an elderly dog, and doesn’t like a lot of people.

A local veterinarian adopted him and he’ll live at the vet’s parents’ home, where they run a pet resort. It’s easy to judge his previous owners harshly without knowing what their situation was, or whether they know about dog rescues and the true statistics of animal shelters.

The best way to help seniors like Pfeizer if to educate people who own dogs that (1) responsible pet ownership is like marriage – till death do you part; and (2) if unforeseen circumstances do mean you can’t continue caring for your pet, there are options other than the local animal shelter, including rescue groups, and even some places that specialize in helping senior dogs live out their lives in comfort and safety.

Clayton Hound

Montana is a classic Georgia Coonhound, a Treeing Walker to be more specific. He’ll be the perfect pet for an active owner or family – coonhounds are very athletic, and love other dogs, so they usually do very well if you have access to a fenced dog park. But as long as they have an outlet for their energy, they make very well-behaved pets. Our coonhound mix, Dolly, probably spends 22 hours per day on the couch as long as she gets her playtime in the park.

Montana is available for adoption from Clayton County Animal Shelter.

If you are unable to adopt but would still like to help Montana find a new home, you can donate online to cover his vetting costs, which helps rescue groups save more dogs.

Coonhound Mama

40572 is a three-year old female Coonhound who will be a mama very soon and she needs out of the shelter so that she and her puppies won’t get sick. She is available for adoption from the Gwinnett County Animal Shelter, and a rescue group is interested in saving her, but needs a foster home.


One of the reasons I love senior dogs is that they tend to be calmer than young dogs. Parker (above) is a mellow older boy, about eight years old who is sweet, well-behaved, gets along well with other dogs, and loves to smile. Parker is about 7-8 years old, so he still has years of love to give, and he weighs about 60 pounds. Parker is available for adoption from Cobb County Animal Shelter, where he is in cage 47 and his ID is 563553.

Senior Chihuahua

40695 is a small Chihuahua or Chi-mix female who was found stray and is described as “semi-friendly.” She looks like she might be middle-aged to senior. Many dogs who find themselves in a shelter can be defensive or anxious, and may appear to be less-friendly than they will be once they feel secure and are in a home. 40695 is available for adoption from Gwinnett County Animal Shelter.

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