Adoptable Georgia Dogs for January 8, 2014


Adoptable Georgia Dogs for January 8, 2014

Baby GirlIf you live in Metro Atlanta, you’ve probably seen the news stories about Baby Girl, above, whose owners were staying with her in a College Park Motel when armed men tried to enter their room on Christmas morning, and Baby Girl got between the robbers and her owner. When the gun held by the robbers was shot, she ran off into the woods, and her owner could close the door.

Since then, the owners have been searching day and night for Baby Girl, joined by many folks from the area, and from local rescue groups. Now they’re hiring a pet tracker to help locate their life-saving best friend. That will cost $3000, which they can’t afford, but they’re unwilling to give up on Baby Girl. And they’re asking for your help.

Visit their Facebook page, and donate if you’re able and willing. A dog who saved her owner from armed robbers deserves a warm bed inside and to be spoiled at home, not to die in a ditch.

During the time they’ve been searching, many offers of financial assistance have been made, and they turned them all down, suggesting that donations be made to dog rescue groups, and any donations accepted that are beyond the cost for the animal tracker will also be given to dog rescue groups.

LolaLola is a sweet corgi mix who is ready for adoption!!! She is already housebroken and crate trained so her transition into a new home will be an easy one!
She lives with both dogs and cats now and loves to play with both; she will occasionally chase the cats, but it’s all in fun because they run from her. She is very playful with just about any dog she meets! She would love to have a doggie playmate!

Lola has been around some older kids with us and did wonderful! We suspect she would do great even with the young ones! She likes to meet new people and will sometimes bark as a greeting -€“ she isn’€™t mean, just saying hi! She loves to get attention but isn’t demanding about it¦ if you will give it, she will soak it up! She loves to curl up next to you and snuggle! Lola is available for adoption from Athens Canine Rescue in Athens, Ga.

SteveSteve is a a laid-back, adult male pug.  He’s housebroken and likes a few short walks per day.  He has bad hips and needs to keep his weight down, making him the perfect New Years resolution dog.  He is mostly blind in one eye, but regular GA Pundit readers know that they can always contact us for info on caring for a blind dog. Steve is available for adoption from Athens Canine Rescue.

BarclayBarclay is a west highland terrier mix who loves to play.  He likes toys but really likes playing with other dogs and napping with people. Barclay is available for adoption from Athens Canine Rescue.


Lyric got her freedom ride yesterday, saving her from a scheduled euthanasia this morning. We’re pleased to have played a small part in her rescue.

A regular reader contacted me this week asking about adopting a Chocolate Lab, as their dog was lonely after losing her sister recently. I checked with a Lab rescuer I know who didn’t have any young chocolates, so I checked the Barrow County Animal Shelter Facebook page. I knew they’d had an influx of dogs and were in danger of having a mass euthanasia day.

And Lyric was available – not a perfect purebred Chocolate Lab, but clearly a Lab. The reader showed his children Lyric’s photo and was told that she’s the one.

I contacted a friend of mine, who incidentally helped with our adoption of Dolly – she volunteers at both Gwinnett County Animal Shelter and Barrow County – and my friend facilitated the prospective new owner getting the adoption paperwork to fill out overnight. And yesterday, Lyric went to her new home, and received the new name “Bella.”

Sometimes that’s all it takes to save a dog – being in the right place, and making a couple of contacts. Bella’s new owners were not going to simply buy a dog from a breeder, so some puppy would have found a new home, but being able to put them together means that this beauty was saved in the nick of time.

If you’re interested in adopting or fostering, let us know. We’d be happy to try and be dog matchmakers again.

Yesterday, I received an email from another regular reader that I wanted to share with you as well.

“Hello again to Mr. and Mrs. Georgia Pundit.”

“I want to say another thank you in this new year for what you do for shelter dogs and for helping bring my beautiful coonhound, Little Sugar Ann, into my life. She is still looking healthy except for her limp from her left front leg. Every day I thank you for giving me the opportunity to save her life. “

Mrs. GaPundit joins me in thanking you, our readers, without whom we wouldn’t have an outlet for my political rantings, and more importantly, with whom these two dogs would not have found their homes, and would have died alone in a shelter. Thank you!

Senior Hound 2

Little Sugar Ann, saved by a GaPundit reader.

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