Adoptable Georgia Dogs for May 27, 2015


Adoptable Georgia Dogs for May 27, 2015

The following dogs are available for adoption from Girard Life Saver in Burke County, Georgia, a county the size of Rhode Island. This small, rural shelter has had a large influx from a hoarding case and is facing a shortage of dog food. Please consider making an online donation via their website.

I’ve created an Amazon wish list with the brand of dog food if you’d like to have a sack of dog food delivered directly to Girard Lifesaver, with the bonus of Amazon’s secure transaction processing.

Click here to send a bag of dog food.

We don’t get anything if you use that Amazon link above, we just thought it would be convenient.


Pilgrim is a Clumber Spaniel mix, a beautiful big boy with long wavy hair. He was found in deplorable condition and was so malnourished that his front paw turned under when he walked. He wore a brace and was nourished back to health. He had major hair loss and was afraid of everyone and everything. He has come a long way and is looking for his new forever home and family. Pilgrim would do best in a country setting with plenty of room to run and play.; He loves to fetch and will make a great lifelong companion to the right home. If interested in meeting Pilgrim please contact Samantha at (706) 871-8273. or e-mail for a pre-adoption application.

Pilgrim is available for adoption from Girard LifeSaver in Girard, GA.

Lightning is a a one and a half year old Whippet/Labrador Retriever mix who has already been neutered. He is an awesome boy who loves attention and he’s looking and anxiously waiting for his very own home and family. Lightning would make the perfect companion and running partner for a runner or active person who loves the outdoors. He is scared of thunder and lightning and quickly retreats to his “safe place” when he hears the first rumble. (But so do I) He is a beautiful brindle with red, brown and white in his coloring. He’s short haired and sheds very little. If you would like to meet our Lightning please contact his foster for a pre-adopt application at Our boy has waited long enough and says: “I’m a good boy and I would love to be your best friend!’

Lightning is available for adoption from Girard LifeSaver in Girard, GA.

Trail is a little Papillon/Chihuahua mix who was found at a church in the middle of nowhere with lots of trails through the woods. There were owls and coyotes in the woods that night. He weighs only four lbs. and was so frightened. Trail has now become a well adjusted little guy and gets along with all the dogs and cats here but he DOES have “Little Man Syndrome”. He thinks he is as big as a Rottweiler or pit bull and does not hesitate to show it to the larger dogs! For this reason, we are searching for the perfect environment and home for little Trail Blazer. We would like for him to have a home knowledgeable of small breeds and how easily they can get hurt by larger dogs especially when he decides to show his little attitude toward them. Preferably a home with another small female would be ideal or as an only dog.

Trail is available for adoption from Girard LifeSaver in Girard, GA.

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