Adoptable Georgia Dogs for March 22, 2013


Adoptable Georgia Dogs for March 22, 2013

CSRABabyRuthBaby Ruth is a senior female who is heartworm positive and also has a heart murmur. She needs a home who understands her physical limitations and can offer her a happy place to spend our her remaining years. She is available for adoption or foster from CSRA Humane Society in Augusta, Georgia.

CSRAOssieOssie is a blue-gray boxer mix. He is a little unsure of new people but gets over that. He’s an active dog and does OK with other dogs. He is available for adoption from CSRA Humane Society.

CSRANaomi2Naomi is a pretty white and red hound/beagle mix with sad eyes who is available for adoption from the CSRA Humane Society. She is a shy but sweet girl that enjoys affection and people. She will take some time to warm up to you, but once you have her trust, she will give you her heart.

She had been abandoned after giving birth to about 8 puppies. A couple pups had already died, and the people who found her could not take care of her and the remaining 6 puppies, so all of them came to us. An adopter should be experienced with dogs and willing to spend time with Naomi at CSRA’s Pet Center, bonding with her, before she could leave for a new home.

CSRASnoopySnoopy is a very energetic boy, and completely belies his age. He is always ready to go, and is very bright. Snoopy would LOVE to come home with you and brighten up your day with his fabulous smile and fun personality!  His herding instinct is very strong…so strong, in fact, that he would love to herd all dogs, cats or children in the house.  So, it’s best that Snoopy go into a home where he’s the only pet and where there are no young children.  He is available from CSRA Humane Society.


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