Adoptable Georgia Dogs for March 19, 2013


Adoptable Georgia Dogs for March 19, 2013

MurrayPlayfulBoyDogThis playful young male dog is on the Euthanasia list for this week at Murray County Animal Shelter in Chatsworth, Georgia if he cannot find a rescue or adopter willing to help him out. He enjoys people of all ages and does nicely with other dogs. He will make a good family pet. Transportation is available to Atlanta or elsewhere

Murray Oreo PointerAlso on the euthanasia list is this small, young female Pointer mix who is available for adoption or rescue at Murray County Animal Shelter in Chatsworth. This 1 1/2-yr-old girl is a real tail wagger. She loves people of all ages and does well with other dogs. She weighs just 28 lbs.MurrayPuppiesThese four young pups have found a rescue that can take them and find new homes, but need donations to cover transportation. Please visit Recycle-a-Bull and consider making a small donation today. Giving up your $tarbucks extra-fancy frappalaccino and donating that amount can help save their lives. Is there any better way to celebrate Lent than to make a small sacrifice to save an innocent life? BarrowSaved3These little black bear cubs got their freedom ride to a new home yesterday from a reader, and illustrate how easy it is to save a dog, even if you’re unable to adopt. Our reader, working with the volunteers from Saving Barrow County Animal Control Pets simply picked these two up in Atlanta from another volunteer and took them on a trip she already had planned to Chattanooga, where they met a volunteer nearby dropped them off. The memories of saving these puppies are a precious as the little ones themselves. BarrowSaved1

Yesterday, another reader contacted us via Facebook to ask about donating a used dog crate to a rescue, and it will be going to Angels Among Us Rescue to help transport foster dogs to and from adoption days.

PS – there are more puppies where those came from.




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