Adoptable Georgia Dogs for June 17, 2015


Adoptable Georgia Dogs for June 17, 2015


Tobie was born 1/24/14. He is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel/Shih Tzu mix, also known as a Cava/Tzu. Tobie is 18 lbs. He was surrendered to us when his family could no longer keep him. His vaccines are up to date, neutered,microchipped,heart worm negative and he recently had cherry eye surgery. Toby loves to play. Tobie is available for adoption from Alcovy Pet Rescue, Inc. in Monroe, GA.


Tyler is an adult male Cocker Spaniel & Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Mix who is neutered, housetrained and ready for adoption from Life’s Little Paws of Alpharetta in Alpharetta, GA.


Rusty is a male 5-year old, 26-pound mix of beagle (definitely), basset hound (probably) and Cavalier King Charles spaniel (definitely). Rusty is short-legged, charming and all hunting-dog natured. Because of his instincts to follow his nose, however, he is a “runner” if he does get loose. He is snuggly, smart and silky haired and only sheds moderately from his body, and slightly more from his tail. He will happily sleep with anyone in the family, on a dog bed near you, or on the sofa. Lots of walks/outdoor stimulation and/or trips to the dog park are how to keep him happiest. He bays like beagle (or at least does a close [and funny] approximation).

Rusty is available for adoption from Doggie Harmony in Atlanta, GA.


Mikasa (left) is a 3-4 year old female Chihuahua/Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix, who was found with her friend, Erma (right), a Chihuahua mix. Mikasa is a little timid, but loves being cuddled. She is completely housetrained and would be a loving, faithful companion. Both of these dogs are available for adoption from the Circle of Friends Animal Society Inc. in Greensboro, GA.

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