Adoptable Georgia Dogs for July 9, 2015


Adoptable Georgia Dogs for July 9, 2015

All of the following dogs are available for adoption for $17.76 during the month of July.


Mercy is a very sweet adult female Boxer mix. Her foster family says, “WOW!!! This girl is AMAZING!! She is PURE sweetness and gentleness – she is a very low key, low energy dog who rarely barks. She is very trusting to all humans, crate trained and house trained; no accidents at all. She will come to you for some loving and then will go about her business of finding a good spot to lay down. Not very demanding at all. She is timid of our hardwood and laminate floors – she has made a lot of progress so far but is still working on her confidence in this area. Anyone looking for a companion? This is your girl!! Please come meet her and spend some time with her……she will own your heart!! LOVE this girl!”

Mercy is available for adoption from Fulton County Animal Services.


Betty is a 10-year old female Boxer mix. Her foster family writes, “I absolutely love people and am the gentlest old soul you will ever meet. Whether I am getting a bath, being given medication, taking walks around the block, hanging out in my crate, or just snuggling on the couch, I’ll just looked up at you with my sweet brown eyes and you’ll know how much I love you.”

“My foster mom thinks I would be the perfect companion for an older human or a family with small children because I am so calm and gentle. My activity level is low. I like walking around the block one or twice a day, and the rest of the time I am content to snooze on the couch or in my crate. (I am wonderful in my crate and also house trained). The only time I bark is when I’ve gone out to the back yard and am ready to come back in.Even though I am so laid back with humans, there are a few situations when I can behave reactively to other dogs.”

“I should never be housed with cats. They just look like squeaky toys to me.All I want in this world is someone to love me and let me live out my golden years giving snuggles and taking naps on the couch. Will you be my forever family?”

Betty is available for adoption from Fulton County Animal Services.


Kaiser is a happy-go-lucky 2-year old Boxer boy who loves to play just as much as he loves sitting by your side. This fun-loving boy seems to know his sit and would love to learn more tricks. He has a soft spot in his heart for treats and he will do just about anything for them! His kissable face and lovable personality are the icing on the cake for this sweet boy.

Kaiser is available for adoption from DeKalb County Animal Services.

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