Adoptable Georgia Dogs for August 13, 2013


Adoptable Georgia Dogs for August 13, 2013

Quick: who first recorded “Hound Dog” on this date in 1953?

It wasn’t Elvis who first recorded what would come to be one of his signature songs; Big Mama Thornton first recorded the song, which was written specifically for her by Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller who would later write “Yakkity Yak,” “Charlie Brown,” and “Jailhouse Rock.”

Big Mama Thornton’s recording was a #1 hit for 7 weeks on the R&B chart. In the interregnum before Presley’s recording, the song was recorded by Freddie Bell, who added the “you ain’t never caught a rabbit” and “cryin’ all the time” lyrics.

After the morning dogs, we’ve got videos for both versions.

Female Hound BarrowThis senior female Hound Dog is beloved by the volunteers who are begging someone to step up and foster or adopt her from the Barrow County Animal Shelter. She has an injured front leg, and is sweet as the day is long. You can phone the shelter at (770) 307-3012 or email Kimberly Perez or Danyal Harper. The shelter is OPEN to the public from 8am to 5pm on the following days on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday; Wednesdays 1pm-5pm. Tomorrow is euthanasia day for Barrow County and they’re very crowded – this old girl won’t make it without an angel to save her. Here’s a short video of her.

Senior Hound 2Senior dogs make great companions because they’re not as needy, hyper or spastic as puppies and young dogs often are. There’s nothing more comforting for me than working while my little old senior lady dog naps by my feet.

Marla HoundMarla is the next Hound Dog of the day, a young, goofy and slightly gawky six-month old Tri-Color Hound, who is available for adoption from Big Canoe Animal Rescue. Her description reads a lot like Dolly the Coonhound’s: high energy and needs to run or exercise every day if possible. She’ll make a great best friend for a runner or active family.

Louis Hound dogLouie is young and male and he’s called a bluetick Hound mix, maybe with some Foxhound or Treeing Walker. He was rescued from the shelter by the Douglas County Humane Society, where he awaits his forever home. Louie loves all dogs and wants to be their friend; he also enjoys car rides but says a pickup is more his style.

Blueberry Etowah Blueberry is a mix of Bluetick Coonhound and Blue Heeler Australian Cattle Dog; she is available for adoption from the Etowah Valley Humane Society in Cartersville, Ga.

Walton Bo and LukeBo (left) and Luke (right) are five-month old male Hound mix puppies who are available for adoption from Walton County Animal Services in Monroe, Ga.

Hat tip to Mrs. GaPundit for the historical note and for helping with today’s Hound Dog-Palooza.

ChocolateLabThis pitiful-looking Chocolate Lab is getting a freedom ride from the Lowndes County Animal Shelter to a private rescue group in Lawrenceville thanks to the generosity of a GaPundit reader. I bet once she gets some care for a skin condition, and some rest in a loving home, she’s going to be beautiful. For everyone else who offered to drive part of the trip, I thank you also for your willingness to help.

GwinnettUrgentAugust13These guys are all very urgent at Gwinnett County Animal Shelter and arrangements need to be made today if you can save one of them.

I’m thinking of how we can harness the statewide reach of GaPundit to help rescue dogs, and maybe a network of people who are willing and able to transport dogs might be a way we can do that. If you’d like to help with that or have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to email me.

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