A personal plea to our readers


A personal plea to our readers

MyHouseLogoMy House has been close to my heart for more than ten years, and today they’re begging for help. I haven’t written much about them in the past because privacy is vital to their mission, and their adoptable babies can’t be photographed. But today I’m asking you to get out your checkbook or debit/credit card and make an immediate donation to the greatest group of volunteers and professionals I have ever known.

My House began when its founder, Donna Carson, a Grady social worker noticed that drug-addicted babies had to be kept in the hospital for extended periods due to their medical needs. But a hospital is not the warm and caring environment a baby needs in the long-term.

So, Donna started My House, a private organization dedicated to providing care to medically-fragile infants and babies in the custody of state agencies. Combining a higher-level of medical care than most foster families or group homes are able with the loving support and comfort of volunteers, the results have been nothing less than miraculous.

I have personally witnessed miracles in My House on a daily basis.

A baby boy, beaten by a family member to the point of having almost every bone in his body broken repaired not only his broken bones, but his soul was healed through loving care and the kindness of strangers. He came to My House terrified of men, and rightly so. I remember walking through the front door months later and he grabbed my hand, and took me to pick out a DVD to watch on the TV. Had he stayed in a public institution, he would have been just another damaged baby. Now he has an adoptive family and a chance at a great life.

Another baby, a girl, was brought to My House with such developmental disabilities that the best hope for her was to die quickly surrounded by people who loved her. She thrived in a way that shocked medical professionals and was eventually adopted by a volunteer, with whom she lives today.

These miracles happen at no additional cost to state or local government agencies who are responsible for the babies; My House receives from the government only the standard per diem that any foster would receive. They rely on private donations. Unfortunately, their financial situtation is dire and they are in danger of closing. Will you join me in donating today?

Donations can be sent to My House Ministry, Inc., 980 Birmingham Rd, Ste 501-PMB 343, Milton, GA 30004. You may also send your donation, marked “MY HOUSE,” to Peachtree Road United Methodist Church at 3180 Peachtree Road, Atlanta, GA 30305. Credit or debit card donations may be made by calling Cecelia O’Flinn at Peachtree Road UMC, 404-240-8230 or online at www.prumc.org, and note that the donation is for My House.

I personally vouch for the organization and for their responsible handling of all funds entrusted to them. Both My House and Peachtree Road UMC have been important parts of my life for 15 years.

If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to email me directly. If you have questions you wish to discuss over the phone, let me know via email and I’ll call you or give you my cell phone number.

As a Christian, two things are central to my understanding of the world. I believe in second chances at life, and I believe in the vital importance in giving to the least of our brothers and sisters. Today we each have the chance to make a small monetary donation to give a baby in need a second chance at a life surrounded by love, and to do unto the least of our brothers and sisters. Will you lend a helping hand?

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

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