5 things you should know about College Republicans


5 things you should know about College Republicans

1. We are the number one source of labor for candidates.

When candidates need volunteers, they should know the first place to look is the Georgia Association of College Republicans.  We are volunteers, interns, field representatives, campaign managers, and everything in between. Elected officials from every corner of the state have utilized the College Republicans. In fact, the College Republicans have been known to make weekend trips to the middle of nowhere to campaign. We are always on call.

2. The State of Georgia has the largest state association of College Republicans in the nation.

The Georgia Association of College Republicans has more chapters than any other state association in the nation. Not only that, but the University of Georgia College Republicans is the largest individual chapter in the United States. We have active regional directors who work with students at schools across the state to start new chapters each semester. We understand that the more chapters and members we have at our disposal translates into more activists for the Republican Party.

3. We are not a social club.

Don’t get me wrong, we like to have fun and socialize, but a person does not join the College Republicans to make friends or host parties. We join to spread Republican ideals that improve our counties, state, and country.

4. We know how to reach out to the youth.

Republicans have become notorious for complaining about how badly we need the “youth vote” and then not doing anything about it. Well, that’s why we’re here.  Reaching out to college students just happens to be our specialty! In 2012, more college students voted for Mitt Romney than voted for McCain in 2008. The Georgia College Republicans worked hand-in-hand with the Georgia Students for Romney to share our message with students across the state, as well as in Florida and Virginia on campaign trips.

5. We are not the future of the Republican Party; we are the now of the Republican Party.

I don’t get offended when activists or candidates say, “College Republicans are the future of our party,” but the truth is, we ARE the Republican Party, just as much as any other GOP organization. We vote, we volunteer, and we work. We are delegates to conventions, meaning we make important leadership decisions for our party.

Bonus: Georgia College Republicans are having our convention on April 26-27. We would love for everyone to attend one or both of our banquets. The cost to attend one banquet is $50, or it is $75 to attend both. Click here for more information and to register.

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