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5 Things Winning Candidates Say | Rothenblog

I might quibble with a couple points here, but agree with 95% of what’s in here. Especially the part about hiring professional help. Hit the link at the end of this post for the entire story on Stuart Rothenberg’s blog at RollCall.com.

Of course these phrases don’t guarantee success — a candidate’s party and the partisanship of the state or district will be a larger determining factor. But these sayings reflect an attitude and approach that will often set up a candidate for success.

1. “I like to ask people for money on the phone six hours a day.” Everyone wants to give a stump speech. But fundraising is a cold, hard reality for the vast majority of congressional candidates.

Unless a candidate is personally wealthy and can ask, “How much should I make the check out for?” he or she will spend hours on the phone every day, asking people for money. And after they finish their call time, they’ll go to a fundraising event that night. Raising a million dollars is the bare minimum for a competitive congressional race these days, and that won’t happen by just shaking hands at the county fair.

2. “Here’s what my opponents are going to attack me on.” This signals a level of self-awareness about a candidate’s own strengths and, more importantly, weaknesses. And it shows a willingness to have objective opposition research done on the candidate, and not just his or her opponents. Strategists and consultants on both sides of the aisle would much rather know about any potential pitfalls from the beginning (when an effort can be made to soften the blow) rather than face a September or October surprise.

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