Why I think we’ll see a June 16 Special Election in DeKalb


Why I think we’ll see a June 16 Special Election in DeKalb

iCEO Lee May is set to announce his resignation from the District Five County Commission seat at 10 AM today, though we don’t know the date on which he’ll vacate the seat. For now, we’ll assume that his resignation will be effective within the next few days.

Two requirements of Georgia law determine the date of a Special Election. The first requirement is that a Special Election be held at least 29 days and no more than 90 days after a vacancy occurs. (OCGA §21-2-540(b)). The second requirement is that odd year special elections be held on the third Tuesday in March, June, or September or the Tuesday following the first Monday in November. (OCGA §21-2-540(c)(1)(A)).

The combination of the 29-90 day window for holding a Special Election, plus the availability of the June 16th date, which is 39 days from now will dictate a Special Election on June 16, unless I’m missing something, or unless Lee May’s resignation goes into effect late enough to throw the Special Election into September.

If a candidate begins campaigning today, that means a 39-day campaign for District 5, which contains a sizable electorate. Such a short campaign window will favor politicians currently in office representing part of the south DeKalb Commission district.

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