State plans ‘managed care’ for more kids |


State plans ‘managed care’ for more kids |

Health officials hope to save the state’s ailing Medicaid program millions of dollars and improve the health of some of Georgia’s most vulnerable children by hiring a for-profit company to oversee their care.

Pediatricians and children’s advocates say the transition to so-called “managed care” for more than 27,000 kids in Georgia’s foster care, adoption assistance and juvenile justice systems could bring coordination that’s long been lacking.

But they say it will only succeed if improving kids’ health — not saving money — is the state’s priority.

The move is part of a larger effort by the state to move more Georgians on Medicaid, including the elderly, disabled and mentally ill, into managed care. Next year, roughly 430,000 so-called “aged, blind and disabled” members will move into a more limited, and voluntary, form of managed care.

A report for the state earlier this year found that three companies already providing managed care to certain Medicaid populations met state standards but failed to significantly improve patients’ health.

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