SPLOST revenues hold steady for schools | GainesvilleTimes.com


SPLOST revenues hold steady for schools | GainesvilleTimes.com

There were concerns coming into this year that sales tax revenues for the Gainesville and Hall County school systems would go down.

School leaders were told to expect a decrease, notably after the state’s tax reform legislation changed how sales tax is calculated for vehicle purchases beginning in March.

That expected decrease has not emerged a few months into that change, though. In fact, Gainesville has actually seen an increase in revenue in its portion of the education special purpose local options sales tax.

“They originally told us that with all of this to expect SPLOST collections to go down around 10 percent,” said Janet Allison, financial director with the Gainesville City school system. “However, that seemingly has not panned out yet, because our SPLOST collections have been more than they were.”

For Hall County, collections are similar to what they were in previous years, though those numbers can be volatile, Deputy Superintendent Lee Lovett said.

He said collections depend on businesses turning in their sales tax dollars. If a larger business is behind one month, it can change the numbers.

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