Seth Harp’s history with the grassroots


Seth Harp’s history with the grassroots

Keep Georgia RED: Seth Harp – Chairman, Georgia Republican Party

Goldwater – Grassroots

Seth Harp began his grassroots journey in 1964 as a College Republican at Auburn University, when he joined the local Barry Goldwater for President Campaign – standing with grassroots conservatives in opposition to the liberal Republican establishment and their candidate Nelson Rockefeller.

When Seth Harp tells you he was there at the beginning, and comes from the grassroots not to the grassroots; his hard work for Barry Goldwater and the conservative campaign establishes that we can trust him because he has the political battle scars to prove it.

Vietnam – Grassroots

Seth Harp validated his grassroots credentials in 1966 as a commissioned officer 1st Marine Division, Fleet Marine Forces during combat in Vietnam. It was during his time in Vietnam – facing enemy fire – that Seth Harp learned the importance of liberty and freedom for the people, not the establishment.

When Seth Harp tells you he comes from the grassroots not to the grassroots, his Combat Action ribbon, Presidential Unit Citation (3 times), National Defense Service Medal, Vietnam Service and Campaign medals, Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry with Palm, and Vietnamese Honor Medal serve as his testament.

Building the Georgia Republican Party – Grassroots

Seth Harp joined the Muscogee County Republican Party in 1977 when he completed his service in the United States Marines and has been a leader in the grassroots of the Georgia Republican Party ever since.

In the dark days of Democrats dominating Georgia politics, Seth Harp joined with fellow Republican leaders such as Paul Coverdell, Newt Gingrich, John Linder, Bo Callaway, Johnny Isakson, and Mack Mattingly to lay the foundations for the Republican grassroots to grow in Georgia.

When Seth Harp tells you he comes from the grassroots not to the grassroots, his leadership in helping to build the foundation for the modern Georgia Republican Party, his standing up to powerful Democrat Governors and a certain Speaker of the House named Murphy prove that Seth Harp helped build the grassroots in Georgia and is the evidence you can trust and the leadership we need.

Volunteer Leadership Service in the Georgia GOP – Grassroots

Seth Harp has served since 1977 as a volunteer grassroots leader in the Georgia Republican Party:

· Chairman of the Third Congressional District

· Chairman of the Muscogee County Republican Party

· Georgia Republican Party Foundation / Director and Member

· General Counsel Georgia GOP

· Assistant General Counsel Georgia GOP

Seth Harp has also been elected by his fellow grassroots Republicans to represent Georgia at three National Republican Party Conventions:

· 1992 – Houston, Texas

· 1996 – San Diego, California

· 2000 – New York City, New York

Seth Harp has not only attended county, district, and state Republican Party conventions across Georgia since 1977, but, in most cases, Seth Harp was volunteering to Chair the convention or serving as a volunteer legal counsel.

Citizen Legislator/Georgia state Senate – Grassroots

Seth Harp has been honored with the trust and support of grassroots Republicans across western and central Georgia as they elected him on multiple occasions to represent them in the Georgia state Senate.

When Seth Harp tells you he knows, understands, and will ensure the voice of the grassroots is heard, respected, and has impact at the Gold Dome, you can count on it. His service as Chairman, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee; Chairman, Higher Education Committee; Chairman, Judiciary Committee, Appropriations Committee member, Sub-Committee Chairman, Criminal Law of Judiciary Committee; and Member of the Insurance and Labor Committee have given Seth Harp the experience we need in our Chairman to work with our elected Republicans.

A Servant’s Heart – Grassroots

Seth Harp lives the values Republicans say we stand for. Seth Harp has a respected record of service to the community. Seth Harp does not just talk conservative values he lives them – everyday.

Seth and Linda Harp worship at Wynnton United Methodist Church in Columbus where Seth serves as a Trustee. Seth and Linda have taught Church Sunday School – High School. Seth has served on the Church Financial Committee and Administrative Board.

Seth Harp also serves (or has served) on the following grassroots community volunteer organizations:

Hospital Authority of Columbus, Georgia – Member of Board of Directors (1997-1999)
Chairman of Board of Directors (2000 – 2004)

Kiwanis Club of Columbus, Member 1976 to date; Director (1984-1986)

Columbus Symphony Orchestra, President (1982 – 1986) Board of Directors (1982 – 1988) (1993 – present)

CONTACT of Columbus, President (1989) Board of Directors (1987 – 1988)

Muscogee County School Board (1980 – 1981)

PTA of Blanchard Elementary School (1980 – 1989) PTA of Arnold Junior High School (1987 – 1990) Brookstone High School Parents Association (1990-1995)

Better Business Bureau of West Georgia – East Alabama Chairman of the Board of Directors (1990 – 1991) 1st Vice President (1989 – 1990) Director (1985 – 1989)

Sigma Chi Fraternity, Auburn University President of the Alumni Association (1978 – 1988) Director (1976 – 1989)

Ida Cason Callaway Foundation Member of the Prunifolia Society (1987 – present)

Member of the Columbus Chamber of Commerce

NRA Life Member since 1968

Forest Farmer’s Association

Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Life Member

American Legion Life Member

Marine Corps League Member

Seth Harp – From the Grassroots / Seth Harp – For the Grassroots

Georgia needs a strong and united Republican Party to both advance our conservative values and oppose the liberal agenda.

Seth Harp believes Georgia Republicans deserve a Chairman who will manage your State Party with the highest level of professional ethics, integrity, and objectivity. Seth Harp believes Republicans in Georgia deserve a Chairman dedicated to working with, and listening to, the grassroots of our Party.

Seth Harp knows it is the grassroots who deserve to have their values and their concerns placed at the top of the agenda because without the grassroots, there is no Republican Party in Georgia.

With Seth Harp as our next Georgia Republican Party Chairman, we can send a message to the Republican National Committee and Republicans across Georgia – the Georgia Republican Party stands for unity, conservative values, and puts principles ahead of politics.

Seth Harp: From the grassroots – for the grassroots.

Keep Georgia RED – Seth Harp, Chairman Georgia Republican Party

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