Sen. Josh McKoon: Pre-Files Bill to Secure Driver’s Licenses


Sen. Josh McKoon: Pre-Files Bill to Secure Driver’s Licenses

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From Senator Josh McKoon 

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Sen. Josh McKoon Pre-Files Bill to Secure Driver’s Licenses

Today, Sen. Josh McKoon (R-Columbus) pre-filed a bill for consideration in the upcoming 2015 session of the Georgia General Assembly. The goal of Senate Bill 6 is to protect the integrity of our driver’s license and the safety of Georgia’s roadways.

Senator McKoon said, “Georgia should not become another California because of the refusal of the Obama administration to faithfully execute its constitutional obligation to enforce our laws.  I am certain that the majority of Georgia voters would take a dim view of the General Assembly deferring to the president’s judgment on illegal executive amnesty and rewarding illegal aliens with a Georgia driver’s license and other public benefits.”

“Previously, Georgia law restricted illegal aliens from getting a driver’s license,” said Sen.McKoon. “When the President created the ‘deferred action status’ class, he deliberately created a loophole to make millions of illegal aliens eligible for Georgia driver’s licenses and other public benefits. Senate Bill 6 will eliminate that loophole in Georgia.”

Sen. McKoon also stated that, “Our job here is to make Georgia as friendly as possible to business while protecting struggling American workers and their wages. This includes the legal immigrants who joined the American family within the lawful framework given to us by the U.S. Congress. Georgia has long been a conservative state that has refused to grant driver’s licenses to illegal aliens. We are confident that Georgians will rally behind continuing that common sense tradition, guided by the bedrock principle of preserving the rule of law.”

Currently, deferred action documents can serve as valid evidence of lawful presence in Geor

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