Poll predicts Gingrich to win GA; campaign announces GA Women with Newt team


Poll predicts Gingrich to win GA; campaign announces GA Women with Newt team

The latest survey shows Gingrich with a commanding lead in Tuesday’s Presidential Preference Primary here in Georgia:

Final Polling Results on Georgia Presidential Race Released

By Landmark/RosettaStone

Gingrich 44%, Romney 23%, Santorum 17%, Paul 7%

(Atlanta) ‹The final Landmark/RosettaStone poll of the Georgia Presidential Preference Primary was jointly released by Landmark Communications and Rosetta Stone Communications Monday morning.


The poll, conducted Sunday night of 901 Likely Republican Presidential Primary voters concludes that former House Speaker Newt Gingrich enters the final day with a strong 44%, former Governor Romney with 23%, former Senator Rick Santorum 17% and Congressman Ron Paul with 7%; 9% of voters are undecided.


Gingrich’s support has continued to climb during the closing weeks in the state he represented in Congress for two decades. His support has risen two additional points over the final weekend.

Gingrich leads in both the Metro Atlanta region as well as non-Metro Atlanta area. He retains particular commanding support among those voters who are age 65 and older, a demographic group in which he carries a majority of the vote. These voters remember Gingrich as a leader who led Republicans to a new House majority in the 1994 elections, the first such majority in four decades.

“Barring any last minute fumbles by the Gingrich campaign, he will win Georgia,” said Mark Rountree, President of Landmark Communications.

“With no major media shifts occurring over the final weekend, Gingrich is poised for a substantial win,” said John Garst, President of Rosetta Stone Communications in Atlanta.

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Also, I just received the following announcement in an email from the Gingrich campaign:

Newt 2012 Announces Georgia Women with Newt Leadership Team
Atlanta, GA – Newt 2012 today announced that more than 130 prominent women leaders and activists from across Georgia have joined the Georgia Women with Newt Leadership Team to engage women voters across the country thru the GOP convention this summer.

They will join the Women with the Newt National Coalition led by Callista Gingrich, wife of Newt Gingrich and president of Gingrich Productions, a multimedia production company. A tireless campaigner, Callista has accompanied Newt across the country speaking to various women’s groups and conservative organizations.

“During the last several months, I have had the privilege of visiting with many wonderful women across the country — learning about their concerns and hopes for the future,” said Mrs. Gingrich. “They all have the same fears as all Americans: getting our economy back on track. And my husband is the only candidate with the experience, knowledge and vision to get us there.”

The Georgia coalition will assist Mrs. Gingrich in engaging women in the states that will vote after Super Tuesday and delegates chosen to represent Speaker Gingrich at the National Convention this summer in Tampa.

“Women across America are eager to have a President who can get us back to $2.50 gasoline, so they can afford to balance the family budget,” said state Sen. Sharon Cooper (R-Marietta), a longtime Gingrich supporter. “Newt has a strong record of balancing our nation’s budget, creating millions of jobs and creating prosperity, and we know he can do it again.”

The Georgia Women for Newt Leadership Team includes:

Karen Allen
Louise Alligood
Ann Ameye
Sarah Ameye
Liz Annie
Babe Atkins-Byrne

Teresa Bagwell
Deborah Baines
Paula Baxley
Georganne Bearden
Jeane Billa
Marjean Birt
Wendy Bloedt
Mary Bond
Elaine Boyer
Paulette Braddock
Charlice Byrd

Iris Callaway
Claire Cantrell
Michelle Carver
Ginger Casey
Rayna Casey
Christi Cates
Lynda Chapman
Elizabeth Christian
Berry Clark
Linda Clary-Umberger
Julie Collins
Amanda Cook
Sharon Cooper
Jennifer Crowe
Laurene Cuvillier

Joan Davis
Nancy Desmond
Sharon Dover
Judy Dyer

Gail Englehart
Linda Evans

Anny Flores
Joan Foltz
Sherri Frye

Lavin Gartland
Deborah Giddens
Cathy Gideon
Lula Gilliard
Martha Gillin
Carol Giuliani
Mindie Glidewell
Peggy Green

Rhonda Hall
Sally Hamby
Lisa Harris
Sonya Harrison
Margie Hatfield
Lora Hawk
Maryann Helms
Caroline Henderson
Michelle Henderson
Marie Herndon
Lynda Hickmon
Teri Hogan
Laura Hult

Blaze Javier
Reva Jennings
Ann Jones
Brenda Jones
Gloria Jones

Ginny Kirkland
Emily Knight
Tamara Knight
Judy Kogon

Crystal Leach
Stacey Lelko
Allison Lewis
Laura Linn
Louise Little
Jennifer Loner

BJ Lopez
Edra Matthews
Monica Matthews
Leslie Mattingly
Suzanne Mayson
Diane McIver
Anna McManus
Linda McWhorter
Carolyn Meadows
Linda Menk
Susan Meyers
Melinda Mock
Angelic Moore
Cindy Morley
Linda Morse
Diana Murphy

Tracy Nabers
Carol Nettles
Linda Newton
Sharon Newton

Denise Ognio

Peggy Perkins
Lisa Pettee

Maryann Ramsey
Sherry Rice
Margaret Robert
Ginger Roberts
Carolyn Roddy
Paige Rutsche

Ansley Saville
Shawn Schroedel
Sarah Scott
Layla Shipman
Cheryl Simmons
Dawn Siska
Brenda Slade
Terri Smith
Jan Sprinkle
Margaret Stenglein
Alex Strollo
Sandy Sweeny
Deborah Swindall

Janie Turner

Ina Vickers

Heather Walden
Joyce Waters
Marilyn Watts
Elizabeth Wharton
Harriett White
Judy Whitwood
Kay Williams
Bri Wilmont
Anna Wilson
Carolyn Wright
Anna Wyatt

Maria Zack

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