Ode to a Capitol


Ode to a Capitol

Georgia Capitol Aerial 02272014

Well I guess it was back in eighteen eighty nine,

When a couple of boys in Dahlonega went down in a mine,

And found it was slap full of gold.

Then these folks in Atlanta wanted to keep growing,

So they told the legislature the Capitol had to be going,

And so those politicos said “Good Bye Milledgeville! Our attorneys will be in touch.”

Now the Capitol had been moved before,

Savannah, Louisville, and more,

They’d even moved it down to Macon on an overloaded poultry wagon.

Atlanta sure wanted to lend the State a hand,

Giving the legislature plenty of land,

Hammers started swingin’ and, boy howdy, they sure were buildin’.

The architect of this here building was feeling bold,

Covering the building’s dome all in beautiful gold,

Leaving the gold mine empty, and leaving someone with the shaft.

Well, Governor Gordon was slap full of delight,

When his eyes did recognize that impressive sight,

On March 20, 1889, a completed Capitol building.

He grabbed the keys and a few words he spoke,

The words he uttered were no joke,

“Boys when you’re hot, you’re hot! Now thanks a lot.”

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