Nikon Releases Df for pre-sales


Nikon Releases Df for pre-sales


The New Nikon Df is available for pre-sales now, with an expected shipping date of November 28, 2013. While I truly want one of these and know I don’t need it, the camera seems a bit of an odd mish-mash of parts.

Nikon Df Black 3 4 front

It’s got the 16.2 MP sensor from the D4, but hobbles it with the 39-point autofocus from the D600, one of the few weak points of that camera.

On the strengths-side of the ledger is interchangeable lenses, unlike the Fuji X100 and X100S and full-compatability with most Nikon lenses. On the weaknesses side is a different battery from the D600, D7000/D7100, D800, D4, which would seem to be its most-likely stablemates, instead using the EN-EL14 typically found in the consumer-grade DSLRs. I think a lot of photographers will miss the built-in flash that Nikon’s consumer and pro-sumer grade bodies normally have.

Nikon Df 3 4 back

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