Metro Atlanta reacts to the Braves move |


Metro Atlanta reacts to the Braves move |

News that the Atlanta Braves would be moving to Cobb County was met with everything from stunned disbelief to giddy surprise. Some of the reaction to the news:

“I think it’s a good thing. It will be a lot closer for us. There will be a lot more things to do (in Cobb) at a sporting complex.”

— Braves fan Mike Bearden of Byron, Ga. Byron is 90 miles south of Atlanta in Peach County.

“At some point, someone has to be responsible at City Hall and say we can’t allow dilapidated homes, crime and prostitution on the streets there anymore. And this is an opportunity for the City Council and the mayor to make a better choice about the neighborhood.”

— Tone Lane, a resident of the Pittsburg neighborhood near Turner Field, calling on Atlanta leadership to fix the neighborhoods near the stadium

“You take the Atlanta Braves out of the city of Atlanta, what you’re basically saying is the center of our region just moved. I can’t imagine that Kasim Reed and the City Council allowed this to happen over a couple hundred million dollars.”

— Bill Byrne, former Cobb County Commission chairman, explaining why he thinks the Braves’ move is a show of suburban strength

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