Macon Telegraph: Endorses David Perdue


Macon Telegraph: Endorses David Perdue

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Macon Telegraph Endorses David Perdue

Georgia Newspapers Endorse Perdue for U.S. Senate

With just two days to go until Election Day, it’s clear that David Perdue’s campaign has the momentum to win on November 4th. As he shares his vision for how we can achieve different results in Washington, his message is resonating with voters, and newspapers across the state are endorsing Perdue as the best choice for Georgians.

In case you missed it, The Macon Telegraph, The Savannah Morning News, The Augusta Chronicle, and Marietta Daily Journal announced their support for David Perdue for U.S. Senate. Georgians see that Perdue’s proven experience and vision make him the type of leader we need in Washington to put our country and economy on the right track, while Michelle Nunn will only work to advance the same failed policies of Barack Obama and Harry Reid.

Here’s just a look at what they’re saying about why David Perdue is the right choice for Georgia’s next U.S. Senator:


Macon Telegraph: “Perdue touts his business experience in his stewardship of Reebok, Sara Lee and Dollar General. … Perdue clearly has something Washington, D.C., could use more of: business experience. … The board was as evenly divided as the opinion polls, but in the end, David Perdue is our selection for the U.S. Senate.” (“Editorial: Endorsements For Governor And U.S. Senate,” 11/2/14)


Savannah Morning News: “If elected, Mr. Perdue will be one of only a dozen members of the Senate with practical, real-world, top-level business experience…his years as a Fortune 500 exec have taught him lessons that Washington still hasn’t learned: Don’t spend more than you take in; don’t keep doing the same things year after year and expecting different results; define your goals before making decisions. …There’s much to like about someone who goes into politics to get things done, as opposed to making it a career.” (“Editorial: David Perdue for Senate,” 10/31/14)


The Augusta Chronicle: “Georgians can’t afford to vote for more of the same. This state needs representation in the Senate to help turn our nation forward toward commonsense conservative ideas. This state needs David Perdue.” (“Editorial: David Perdue Stands Solidly for Change,” 10/12/14)


Marietta Daily Journal: “Perdue favors a strong national defense, tax reforms to invigorate the economy and opposes amnesty. He’s also pledged to work to undo Obamacare. He and Georgia’s senior Senator Johnny Isakson of east Cobb would make a solid one-two punch for Georgia on Capitol Hill.” (“Editorial: Perdue the Better Choice for Georgia in Washington,” 10/05/14)

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