Macon council works to trim budget | Politics |


Macon council works to trim budget | Politics |

Macon City Council members worked to trim and shift funds from Mayor Robert Reichert’s proposed city budget Wednesday.

Tom Ellington, chairman of the council’s Appropriations Committee, said the council was looking to cut “a few thousand here and there” from various departments and use that money to beef up the amount spent on demolishing abandoned houses. That’s something council members have pushed, especially after finding that the number of houses demolished this year wouldn’t reach the long-standing goal of 100.

The administration has proposed a $71.2 million general fund budget with no change in city tax rates. That’s $1.9 million less than was projected to be spent in the current fiscal year, but $5.4 million more than will actually be spent. City officials enacted a hiring freeze and halted some spending two months ago, when a serious shortfall in expected sales tax revenue became apparent.

The budget review is expected to wrap up Thursday. A balanced budget must be approved by the June 30 end of fiscal 2013.

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