Gwinnett Daily Post | Snellville amends city code of ethics


Gwinnett Daily Post | Snellville amends city code of ethics

SNELLVILLE — City Council members voted Monday to change the city’s code of ethics, a move aimed at culling frivolous and politically motivated ethics complaints from those that deserve merit.

In a meeting chaired by councilwoman and temporarily elected mayor pro tem Diane Krause, the vote was 3-1 in favor of the proposed amendment. Councilman Mike Sabbagh cast the only vote in opposition to the measure.

“This quick change will resolve situations on the short horizon, but not long term,” Sabbagh said explaining his opposition to the change. Stating his desire for more information from city attorney Tony Powell and more time to review it, Sabbagh said that he would not “consciously be able to support (the amendment).”

Powell stated that the change to the code was a direct action taken following a 230-page complaint filed months ago against Witts.

“It was evident to me that it was frivolous,” Powell said, adding that self-proclaimed “ethics watchdog” George Anderson has, after much legal wrangling and procedure, apologized for his complaint, admitting that there was no basis for it.

The problem with such baseless accusations is that the damage has already been done to the innocent party, Powell said during Monday’s meeting. “This change stops frivolous complaints before they can get that far.”

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