Georgia Republican Party State Convention May 18, 2013


Georgia Republican Party State Convention May 18, 2013

Congressman Allen WestYesterday I got to sit down with former Congressman Allen West, who would later speak to the Victory Dinner. We discussed a little bit about how Republicans can reach out to Blacks. I say Blacks because that’s how the Congressman prefers to be described. It was an interesting conversation and I’ve posted part of it on and will follow up with the rest. Here’s an excerpt:

GP: “One of the big issues that we’re beginning to struggle with as a party is outreach to African-Americans….”

AW: “First of all, I would rather you say Black American, because when people say ‘African-American,’ that is a collectivizing term. I have friends in South Florida who are Caucasian and they’re from the former Rhodesia, Zimbabwe, they’re from South Africa, and now they’re American citizens, and they consider themselves what? I think that we have to be careful about that because the other side does a good job of balkanizing us and so I don’t like to hyphenate. I’m an American Black. That’s how I like to be referred to.”

Saturday Convention Schedule

7-10 AM Registration in Olympia 2

7:00 AM Sergeant At Arms & Volunteers Convene in Oak Room 1

7:30 AM Victory Breakfast in the Athena Ballroom

Honoring Governor and First Lady Deal

9:00 AM Convention Committees Reconvene

Credentials Olympia 1
Resolutions Oak Room 2


Call to Order Chairman Sue P. Everhart
Invocation Dr. Stewart B. Simms, Jr.
Presentation of the Colors UGA ROTC
Pledge of Allegiance State Senator Bill Cowsert
National Anthem Captain Mark Ware, Sandy Springs Fire & Rescue and Lt. Rodney Brooks, Henry County Fire Department
Welcome Brian Burdette, 10th District Chairman

Chairman’s Report and Awards Chairman Sue P. Everhart

Governor Nathan Deal
RNC Co-Chairman Sharon Day
Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn
Congressman Artur Davis
Karl Rove
Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle
Secretary Brian Kemp
Attorney General Sam Olens
Commissioner Gary Black
Commissioner Ralph Hudgens
Congressman Phil Gingrey
Congressman Paul Broun
Congressman Jack Kingston
Congressman Lynn Westmoreland
Congressman Tom Price
Congressman Rob Woodall
Congressman Austin Scott

*Report of the Credentials Committee
Seating of the Alternate Delegates

Election of the Convention Chairman and Convention Secretary

Vote of Convention Rules

Convention Appointments:

Convention Committees

Convention Committee Reports:


Election of Party Officers



Adjournment of the Convention

*When the Final Credentials Report is ready, scheduled remarks will be interrupted to give this report and the Alternate Delegates will be seated.


A word from Bob Mayzes, Treasurer of the GAGOP

This weekend, the Georgia Republican Party will change because it will select a new chairman. Out-going Chairman Sue Everhart will be a tough act to follow. When she retires on Saturday, Georgia will have more elected Republicans at every level and leave more money in the Party’s accounts than when she took office.

For six years, Sue has driven hundreds of thousands of miles from one end of Georgia to the other to attend local Republican meetings, fundraisers, rallies, etc to support the grassroots. Sue has dedicated 100% of her time and life to serve as Chairman with her only compensation being from doing a job that she loved.

Now to her potential successors, I applaud all four men that have declared their candidacy for Chairman. To each of them, I give this thought. There is something worse than losing an election and that is winning the election. The loser returns to life as before, but the winner must perform and invest their life to do a job that is very different from what they thought.

The Party Chairman’s role is effectively that of the candidate in a state-wide election. They have to constantly be fundraising, dealing with constituents and managing their staff. All the while, well-meaning and not-so-well-meaning individuals and groups criticize and offer up their opinions.

The Chairman elected on Saturday will have a tough job. To be successful, they have to personally raise millions of dollars, support grassroots party building, gain the confidence of elected Republicans and manage a state-wide organization. And that doesn’t begin to describe the difficulty of the Chairman’s job.

In a difficult time of the last six years, Sue did an exceptional job; the Georgia Republican Party can’t afford any less from its next Chairman. Chose wisely for the choice you make will determine the fate of the Republican Party in Georgia.  

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