Dispute between Sen. Staton, Georgia Southern settled


Dispute between Sen. Staton, Georgia Southern settled

From Macon.com:

Under an agreement announced Friday, radio stations belonging to a company run by state Sen. Cecil Staton, R-Macon, will again broadcast Georgia Southern University sports and will pay only a fraction of fees that were under dispute from previous years.

Georgia Eagle Media must pay $15,000 of more than $53,000 that GSU said it was due for the rights to broadcast the university’s sports in the 2010-2011 athletic year.

And during the season starting in 2013, Georgia Eagle Media’s WZBX 106.5 FM will air Georgia Southern football, basketball and baseball. Sister station WPMX 102.9 FM also will broadcast football.

The two sides of the dispute used a mediator to come to the agreement, according to a joint statement released by the university Friday.

“As the owner of all radio stations in Statesboro, we are glad that our listeners will once again have access to Georgia Southern’s great athletic traditions via local radio,” said Staton via the communiqué. He is CEO of the company and at least part-owner.

I’m more concerned that one company owns all the radio stations in Statesboro.

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