David Perdue Senate: Airs New Radio Ad in Statewide Advertising Campaign


David Perdue Senate: Airs New Radio Ad in Statewide Advertising Campaign

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Perdue Airs New Radio Ad in Statewide Advertising Campaign

“What I Do” focuses on outsider’s ability to fix problems politicians created

Hear the  radio commercial: https://perduesenate.com/whatido/.

Former Dollar General CEO and Republican candidate for United States Senate David Perdue today began airing a new radio ad entitled “What I Do”.  The ad is part of Perdue’s statewide advertising campaign that has the first-time candidate surging in the polls.  Recent independent polling shows Perdue moving from fifth to first in a matter of weeks.

The ad outlines Perdue’s outsider challenge to the four career politicians in the race, while emphasizing his problem solving success as CEO of the Reebok athletic brand and Dollar General stores.  A full transcript of the ad, which started airing today, follows:


If you want real conservative change, the one outsider for the Senate is David Perdue.


I’ve never run for office, but I have over forty years of experience in the real world. Real change sometimes takes an outside perspective just like it did at Reebok and Dollar General. Fresh eyes, determination, and a bucket full of common sense, with the right experience. If you’re as outraged as I am by the size and scope of our government, by the amount of money they take from our pockets and by the inexcusable childish behavior exhibited in Washington right now, then I hope you’ll give this outsider from Georgia a chance. Fixing big problems like this is what I’ve done all my life. It’s what I do.


I’m David Perdue, candidate for the U.S. Senate, and I approve this message. Paid for by Perdue for Senate.

You can hear the ad at https://perduesenate.com/whatido/.


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