Councilman gets business license |


Councilman gets business license |

Covington Councilman Keith Dalton received a valid home occupation license for his long-running janitorial business Monday, a day after The News ran a story showing he hadn’t had a valid local license for years.

Dalton paid $50 to the city for his license, which is the prorated share for a business that files after July 1, and will not be charged retroactive fees or late fines, according to city officials.

No past charges

“Late fees or payment of previous years were not charged as Mr. Dalton’s two businesses were not previously registered with us.

While he may have operated the businesses within the city limits for a number of years we can only charge for the year(s) he has registered with us and we have records for,” said Senior Planner Scott Gaither in an email.

Originally, when asked in theory, not about this particular case, Gaither said he thought it might be possible to charge fees for years a business did not have a license, but he said Monday that would only apply to a business that had at least registered with the city at some point.

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