Bob Barr on sequestration: an interesting analogy


Bob Barr on sequestration: an interesting analogy

It’s an incisive description of the intellectual dishonesty that underlies much of the Washington discussion of sequestration:

President Obama and the Democrats are giving dire warnings about what they call cuts as regards the sequester. Let me give you an example to put it in perspective:

Suppose you make $50,000.00. Your boss informs you that you are receiving a $10,000.00 raise bringing your salary to $60,000.00. A few days pass and your boss informs you that due to the economy he has to revise the offer of the raise from $10,000.00 down to $7,000.00 bringing your new salary up from $50,000.00 to $57,000 as opposed to $60,000.00

Now, on your next pay period your salary (budget) will be $7,000.000 more than the last one just not $10,000.00 more

This is what Democrats call a “cut” it is no way to manage our Federal budget.

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