Americans For Prosperity GA: Has Concerns About Road Funding Plan


Americans For Prosperity GA: Has Concerns About Road Funding Plan

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From Americans For Prosperity – Georgia



Americans For Prosperity Georgia Has Concerns About Road Funding Plan 

As the “road funding plan” by Rep. Roberts is considered by lawmakers, Americans for Prosperity State Director Michael Harden issued the following statement:

Americans for Prosperity Georgia recognizes the transportation challenges our state faces and supports the legislature in addressing them.

On behalf of our 64,000 activists around the state, we have concerns about the net tax increase, harmful double-taxation, and excessive borrowing included in the current plan. Before asking for an additional dime from taxpayers or further mortgaging our state’s future, lawmakers should put an end to the wasteful spending, over-regulation, and corporate welfare that are costing Georgia taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.

AFP-GA believes that transportation infrastructure is best funded primarily by user fees. To that end, we do not believe motorists should be forced to subsidize other modes of transportation, and that taxes paid at the pump should be used exclusively to build and repair the roads and bridges they drive.

AFP-GA looks forward to working with members of the legislature to craft a plan that responsibly meets our transportation infrastructure needs and facilitates a free, fair and thriving economy.


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