Adoptable (Official) Georgia Dogs for October 9, 2019


Adoptable (Official) Georgia Dogs for October 9, 2019

Mr Virgil 2

Mr. Virgil (above and below) is a 3-5 year old, 15-pound rat terrier mix who is available for adoption from Angels Among Us.

My foster parents found me wandering around their neighborhood in Athens, Georgia. They tried really hard to find my former family-they notified animal control, checked for a microchip and posted lots of signs. So I’m now looking for a new home. My foster parents think I am part terrier and part Chihuahua and totally cute.

I tend to be afraid of new people, at first, and I bark (loudly!) to show them I’m scared and need some time to warm up. However, within about 5 minutes, I am wagging my tail and seeking attention (I love treats). Food is the way to my heart.

Other than when I am scared, I am very quiet and rarely bark or whine. I love the elementary-aged children in my foster family and I like to play with their 10-month old, high-energy puppy. Although, he likes to play more frequently than I do! When I am not playing with my foster brother or with toys, I am usually very chill and love my crate.

I would be most comfortable in a home with another medium energy doggie brother or sister about my size; big dogs frighten me. I have not been around cats very much, but I don’t seem to care one way or another about the neighborhood cats that come near my yard. Older children are preferred due to my excitement when playing as I can become a little mouthy. I’m doing well with my house training, but I am not 100% there.

I do best with patience and love. I need help to get through my fear of meeting new humans and bigger dogs.

Note: Mr. Virgil is currently fostered in Athens, but is adoptable through the Atlanta-based Angels Among Us.

Mr Virgil1

Finster Angels Among Us

Finster (aka Finn) is a 55-pound male Golden Retriever mix who is available for adoption from Angels Among Us in Atlanta, GA.

Hi, my name is Finster (Finn). I am a fluffy one year old Golden Retriever/ Lab mix. I am 55 pounds and need to gain a little more! I like running around outside and need a home where I can be active. I like relaxing with my pack just as much as I love playing. I’m a big lap dog, love to snuggle, and give wet kisses!

I am housetrained and I’m really good on a leash. I’m still learning a few manners though. Sometimes, I play bite, and I jump when I’m excited, and occasionally I like to carry around my foster family’s belongings if they don’t have a close eye on me. So, for now, I stay in a crate when my foster family has to leave the house.

I get a little anxious about it and I don’t particularly care for a crate, but I’m working on it. I need a family where someone is home most of the day.

I’m very smart and learn quick! I learned to sit, shake, and lay down in the past month.

Sally Ann Angels Among Us

Sally Ann is a young female Chihuahua and Dachshund mix puppy who is available for adoption from Angels Among Us in Atlanta, GA.

SallyAnn is a perfect puppy! She weighs about 10 pounds at 10 weeks old. Foster mommy thinks she will get to about 35-40 lbs, but she could surprise you in what she ends up. She acts like a puppy, chewing, playing with dogs and people, learning where to pee and poop, and living the puppy life. She is likely a mix of some fluffy black dog and maybe some other blackish dog. However, we can confirm both parents were definitely dogs.

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