Adoptable (Official) Georgia Dogs for January 14, 2022


Adoptable (Official) Georgia Dogs for January 14, 2022

Tilda is a young female Doberman Pinscher and Terrier mix puppy who is available for adoption from Hero Dog Rescue in Cumming, GA.

Tilda is right around 3 months old. We aren’t positive of her breed, but our best guess is Doberman Pinscher. She has a velvety smooth coat, and a triangular shaped head, long legs and a slender body. At 3 months old, she weighs about 20 pounds, so we feel that she may be 50-60 pounds when grown. She has a bubbly, friendly personality. She plays with all of the dogs….and the cat! She has never met a stranger! Tilda is crate trained. She sits for her meals and is learning manners, but she does like to chew wires! She is, after all, a puppy! She is super smart and will take to training very easily!

Pica Pepper is a young female Labrador Retriever and Terrier mix puppy who is available for adoption from Hero Dog Rescue in Cumming, GA.

Starlight is a sweet senior female Labrador Retriever mix who is available for adoption from Hero Dog Rescue in Cumming, GA.

Starlight is an absolute delight! She is a typical senior dog that loves to nap, but also loves to get petted and wag her tail. Starlight is completely housebroken and quickly learned how to use a doggy door. She enjoys trotting and sniffing around the yard! She is also great on a leash. Starlight tends to ignore cats and other dogs smaller than her.

Starlight will need to eat soft/canned food. She is only 23 lbs and will need to gain several. She doesn’t bark at all and is partially deaf. Starlight would be a great addition to a quieter house seeking a perfect companion dog. She has been a great shadow to us, always wanting to sleep in a dog bed nearby.

Six-month old Labradoodle Hank has a new job as a Therapy Dog at Forsyth County Senior Services Center, according to AccessWDUN.

“Just a couple of days ago, I had a lady come in, it was her first time meeting Hank and she’s petting him smiling and she said, ‘Hank, I love you,’” said Hunter Bennett, Community Relations person for Forsyth County Senior Services and Hank’s handler. “In our memory support program, we had a gentleman in there that was petting [Hank] one day and he looks at me with clarity in his eyes and he tells me that his grandfather had a dog just like Hank.”

Naturally, everyone at the senior center loves Hank. Visitors and staff will scratch Hank’s head, ears, and happily receive some doggie kisses.

Last year, the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office announced seven Labradoodle puppies were making their way through the Forsyth County Pups with Purpose program.

Hank was one of those pups.

“By the time I got Hank, he had already had so much love poured into him,” said Bennett. “There were two different times on the day I picked him up from the jail that I thought people were going to cry, talking about how special he was.”

The Pups with Purpose program pairs inmates at the Forsyth County Jail with unwanted dogs from the Forsyth County Animal Shelter.

Inmates train the dogs for the purpose of helping them to find a home. But Hank and his six siblings were trained for a higher purpose- to serve as therapy dogs at government buildings, schools and even a hospital.

“We actually just yesterday completed our beginner obedience class, which I think is mostly for me as handler than it is him,” Bennett said, chuckling. “We’re now going to be moving on to an advanced obedience course, and that is being conducted through Scot Rucker Dog Training.”

Dolly, my Hound who inspired the legislation naming the Adoptable Dog as the Official State Dog of Georgia, trained as a therapy dog. We hoped she’d be able to visit patients at the Hospice Atlanta facility in our neighborhood. She failed the final exam. Vacuum cleaners remain on her list of enemies.

More information on the Forsyth County Pups with Purpose program are available at their website.

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