Adoptable (Official) Georgia Dogs for June 1, 2021


Adoptable (Official) Georgia Dogs for June 1, 2021

Duke is a ten-year old male Hound and Shar Pei mix who is available for adoption from Coastal Pet Rescue in Savannah, GA.

Duke is as sweet as can be and has quite an infectious smile. He’s pretty chill and laid back – in less there are treats involved – he gets pretty excited about those. But he’s a good boy and knows to sit and wait for it. Duke enjoys his daily walks and getting head and butt scratches and lots of attention. 

Duke and Roxy found their way to rescue when their parents were divorced.

Both Duke and Roxy are really just wonderful dogs who would be a great addition to any family. In a perfect world, they would be adopted together since they’ve been together for so long but they can also be adopted separately.

Roxy is a ten-year old female Husky mix who is available for adoption from Coastal Pet Rescue in Savannah, GA.

Roxy has the most beautiful and unique coat with lines in it that look like you ran your fingers down her back. With lots of personality, she loves chatting it up with you, as most Husky’s do, but isn’t a howler. Roxy is also laid back and loves belly rubs and her chew toys.

When it comes to patience – [Roxy and Duke] lived with eight cats! So felines are fine for this dynamic duo, and so are other dogs, and kids too! They both get along with everyone they meet.

Sam is a year-old male Staffordshire Terrier mix who is available for adoption from Coastal Pet Rescue in Savannah, GA.

Sam has lots of energy and loves to play! Especially tug-of-war. With his leash. So he will need someone strong who can handle him because he’s not a small guy. He is also very inquisitive and likes to hunt lizards and other bugs he finds, so a fenced in yard would be best for him. Unfortunately, he also thinks cats are something you can hunt, so cats are a definite No Go for this guy.

So are other dogs. While he has had one doggie friend that he came into rescue with, Sam needs to be your one and only. But you won’t need another dog because he’ll be your BFF. Seriously; Sam loves to be near you and would make a great companion! Do you like to walk? So does Sam! If you need to travel, Sam is fine with that too and does well in the car. Want to watch a movie, or need to get some work done? Sam is perfectly content relaxing and laying near you. What about a good night’s sleep? That will work for Sam too; he’s housebroken and sleeps through the night, ideally near you.

He’s not much of a barker. If something catches his eye, he’ll let you know, but he’s not one to just randomly bark at imaginary things or to excess.

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