Adoptable (Official) Georgia Dogs for July 15, 2020


Adoptable (Official) Georgia Dogs for July 15, 2020

Ruby Humane Society NWGA

Ruby (above, female) and Rocky (below, male) are a bonded pair of Rat Terrier & Toy Fox Terrier Mix puppies who are available for adoption from the Humane Society of NWGA in Dalton, GA.

They are small cuddly pups that fit nicely together in your lap; which is where they prefer to be. Rocky is about one year old and weighs thirteen pounds. Only six months old, Ruby weighs just ten pounds. Both are friendly affectionate dogs looking for a quiet home to share. They would do best in an adult household or one with older children.

Rocky and Ruby like to spend their day following you around and keeping up with your daily routine. Daily walks or playing together in their own fenced in backyard are all the exercise they require. They are not ones to get into mischief and prefer to do their business outside. Both do well with other small dogs who respect their space.

Rocky Humane Society NWGA

Bruno Humane Society NWGA

Bruno is a young male Labrador Retriever mix who is available for adoption from the Humane Society of NWGA in Dalton, GA.

Bruno is a blonde loveable Lab-mix who is very playful and loves everyone. He would make a wonderful companion for a family with older children as his energy may be too much for the little ones. This athletic two year old needs an active household where running, hiking, or outdoor games are a part of the daily routine. The exercise will keep him from boredom which can lead to mischief.

Once tired, Bruno is content to nap by your side. He prefers not to be alone. Another doggie pal would ease his anxiety and help keep him entertained at times when you are busy or away. Bruno loves to wrestle and play tag with his play group buddies at the shelter.

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