Adoptable (Official) Georgia Dogs for May 5, 2020


Adoptable (Official) Georgia Dogs for May 5, 2020

Madison Charles Smithgall Humane Society

Madison is a female Labrador Retriever mix puppy who is available for adoption from the Charles Smithgall Humane Society in Sautee Nacoochee, GA.

Madison is one of the friendliest dogs her rescue has met in a long time. They rescued Madison from a high-kill shelter and since arriving on April 10, 2020 she’s quickly become a shelter favorite. She has a joy for living and she’d love nothing better than belonging to a family who loves her.

Madison is about 10 months old and currently weighs 51 pounds. She’s thought to be a retriever mix. She’s a bigger pup, tall and lanky with a beautiful, angora-soft golden brown coat. We’re not sure what this young pup has gone through in life, but she seems afraid of other dogs and will give chase to cats. However, she LOVES people and would probably love being around older kids as well. She welcomes attention and will happily sit with her person. She is an active girl and an active lifestyle would suit her best. She’s learning to walk on a leash and she knows how to sit already. Madison is being showered with affection and kindness and every day she grows a little more confident in the scary and noisy shelter. If you’re looking for a terrific young dog to welcome to your family and make part of your activities, Madison may be the girl for you.

Pete Charles Smithgall Humane Society

Pete is a male Plott Hound mix who is available for adoption from the Charles Smithgall Humane Society in Sautee Nacoochee, GA.

Pete is a six-year-old plott hound/corgi mix. He weighs about 50 pounds. Pete is a love once he gets to know you. Having lived a life of neglect, Pete isn’t used to people wanting to give him attention and he quickly warms up to it when given the chance. Pete walks well on a leash and enjoys being out and about. He’s a smarty pants too. He learned quickly to sit and shake – with both paws! Pete loves the water and will happily play with a hose or sprinkler for hours if you let him. He’d probably make for a great water or boating dog. We’re working to build Pete’s confidence to help him learn that humans can be kind and good intentioned. We have not yet tested Pete with other dogs, but he seems to do well with cats.

Pete would welcome the chance to be someone’s best companion. He’s never been allowed to be a family dog and would welcome the chance. A family or person who can show him what it’s like to live in a home and meet him where he is will be richly rewarded with a sweet and loyal boy. Perhaps you’ll be the one to give Pete a second chance at a happy life.

AJ & Mindy Charles Smithgall Humane Society

AJ is a Senior Hound mix (and his bestie, Mindy) who is available for adoption from the Charles Smithgall Humane Society in Sautee Nacoochee, GA.

AJ is a happy hound. He was rescued from Animal Control, with his companion Mindy. They arrived at our shelter on April 1, 2020.

AJ is a wonderful older dog. He’s a seven-year-old hound/shepherd mix. He’s a larger dog, but he moves gracefully and calmly so don’t let his size fool you. He has beautiful manners. He’s calm, sweet and very friendly. He’s a lower energy sort of guy and prefers to relax with his people and his best friend Mindy. AJ walks well on a leash and he knows basic commands. AJ is happy to go along to get along. He’s just a big love bug who will make for someone’s best companion. He’s very low-key, but loves to see what Mindy is up to and happily follows her around.

AJ and Mindy are a bonded pair and must be adopted together. The way they depend on each other, it’s like a seamless ballet. Each dog brings out the best in the other and together they are probably less effort then having one dog, because they complement each other so well. They’re recent arrivals and we have yet to test them with other dogs or cats, but will do so for potential adopters. Our guess is they could be house-trained, because they are so polite and smart, but it may take some remedial training since they have been without a home for a little while now.

AJ is exceptional. He seems to be the quintessential family dog. It’s crazy to think he and Mindy ended up homeless. We have no idea of their back story, but they are a delightful pair who would make for a great addition to any family willing to open their hearts and home to them. AJ is neutered, fully vetted and micro-chipped.

Mindy is an Australian Cattle dog mix. She’s about five years old and of medium size. Mindy celebrates her herding roots and has good energy. She loves sitting on your feet and makes a game of getting you to go where she wants to go. She definitely likes to work and keep busy, but her energy is not overwhelming. Given she’s five years old, she is more mature and seems pretty happy-go-lucky. She is very smart and knows some commands. She is leash shy, but does okay once the lead is slipped on. She loves ear scratches and she’ll vocally tell you how much she appreciates the attention and how good the scratches feel. She has a beautiful red and white coat and her eyes reflect her intelligence. Like, AJ, we haven’t tested her with other dogs or cats, but will do so for potential adopters.

She and AJ are a bonded pair and must be adopted together. Mindy relies on AJ for comfort and security and AJ loves to be where Mindy is. Adopting this pair may be easier than having an only dog. They complement each other and their interactions are seamless. They love being with people and welcome attention, but they are also content to relax and explore the yard together. They are a delightful pair, who will be no more work than if adopting just one dog.

We do not know Mindy’s and AJ’s backstory, but they are polite and may even be house-trained given how mature they are and how well they act.

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