Adoptable (Official) Georgia Dogs for March 23, 2020


Adoptable (Official) Georgia Dogs for March 23, 2020

Milo Baldwin County Jail Dog

Milo is a young male Hound mix who is available for adoption from the Baldwin County Jail Dogs Program in Milledgeville, GA.

Milo is one of the most energetic and athletic dogs trained in the Baldwin County Jail Dogs program. Milo LOVES all humans. He never meets a stranger. Milo loves other dogs and wants to play. He is high energy and he also settles nicely inside cuddling with his trainer. His favorite thing is to be outside with his person unless it is raining hard, then he races out does his business and races back inside.

Milo is such a sweet boy even people in the prison who don’t care for dogs can’t help but love Milo with his fun and silly personality.

We are pretty sure Milo was once someone’s bird hunting dog. When he is outside in the play yard and birds are flying around, he stops, freezes, stares and lifts one front paw telling his trainer that he has spotted dinner. Of course the birds are safe with us, but Milo still performs a task he was clearly trained to do sometime in his life.

Milo would excel in athletic events. He loves to run and jump and with some training and direction, he could be a blue ribbon event winner (frisbee, dock jumping, and other vigorous outdoor athletic activities).

Milo would also be a fantastic running partner. He could win marathons if his human can keep up. Milo is very smart and has learned all his cues of sit, down, go to your spot, stay, wait at doorways and for food, off, leave it, give and is house and crate trained.

Coal Baldwin County Jail Dog

Coal is a young male German Shepherd Dog mix who is available for adoption from the Baldwin County Jail Dogs Program in Milledgeville, GA.

Coal is razor attentive to his trainer and a smart fast learner. Coal LOVES to work. Coal is no couch potato. He will thrive with a person who understands his breed and his need to work/play. Coal could easily learn to be a great search dog. He is exceptional at the “go find” game.

Coal has learned all his cues: come, sit, down, go to your spot, wait (at doors and for his meals), stay, leave it, give, and of course “shake” and “High-5.”

Coal walks nicely on leash and has been doing a good job at “heel.”

Coal is dog friendly and playful. He rolls over for a belly rub when he has done a good job.

Coal was adopted out of our local shelter to a family with kids. They did not provide any training and Coal was returned to the shelter because during play with the children he jumped and knocked them down. We have worked with Coal’s impulse control during play and he has done a very good job understanding how to properly play with humans.

True to his breed, as he has matured, he has started to display some breed characteristics of protecting his “family” and some reserve around new people he doesn’t know. Once he sniffs and interacts with a friendly person, Coal is happy to accept them into his “pack.”

We are looking for a person or family with GSD experience who will understand and appreciate Coal.

Logan Baldwin County Jail Dog

Logan is a male Terrier mix who is available for adoption from the Baldwin County Jail Dogs Program in Milledgeville, GA.

Logan has been trained in basic obedience by inmate-trainers at the Riverbend Correctional and Rehabilitation Facility in Milledgeville, Georgia.

Logan is a laid-back guy who loves hanging out with his person or family. In the house, he is well-mannered and calm.

In the fenced play yard, he loves to play chase… anything. He also enjoys chewing on very large rope toys. Logan likes to “hunt” for his kibble and treats in his snuffle mat.

Logan is quiet, clean, very friendly to all humans and other dogs. Everyone in the prison who meets Logan falls in love with this big gentle boy. Logan plays outside vigorously and needs daily physical exercise. If properly exercised, Logan is very good in the “house” which is a small cell shared with his trainer.

Logan knows, sit, down, stay, go to your spot, leave it, drop it, give, wait at doorways and for his food, walks nicely on leash and is calm, quiet, crate-trained and house trained.

Logan is a neutered 62-5 lb. mix with lots of love and kindness. Logan is so loving toward humans, he could easily become an emotional support dog and with additional training, a service dog.

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