Adoptable (Official) Georgia Dogs for February 14, 2019


Adoptable (Official) Georgia Dogs for February 14, 2019

Dandre PAWS

D’Andre is a young male Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler mix who is available for adoption from PAWS Atlanta in Decatur, GA.

D’Andre makes being an excellent good boy seem so easy. The staff love him. He’s a breeze to take care off. We found him at a metro county animal shelter and were drawn to his gentle demeanor. He’s very attentive to his human friends and smart and playful without ever being too much. If you want to play, wonderful. If you want to just chill on the couch, that’s fine, too. He follows your lead. D’Andre seems comfortable with other dogs, but we’ve not had time to evaluate his play skills one-on-one with another dog. He’s not leash-reactive and walks nicely and politely beside you, grateful to be out in the fresh air.

D’Andre seems crate-trained, which is a big plus right out of the gate. His one challenge is that, like many shelter dogs, D’Andre hasn’t always known where his next meal was coming from, or if he’d even have a meal. So, he sometimes be protective of his food, fearing you will take it away from him. This is a behavior that is quite common and can typically be worked out with a good feeding routine. But, because he’s still learning to be comfortable about sharing food, we would like D’Andre to go to an adopter who doesn’t have young children in the home, so there will be no feeding time misunderstandings. This dog is a dream. He’s so good.


Judd is a male Boxer who is available for adoption from PAWS Atlanta in Decatur, GA.

Is it a Boxer? Is it a teddy bear? It’s both – it’s Judd! This 4 yr old gentleman is an all-rounder. You like road trips? Judd will make himself comfortable on your backseat and chill. You like hiking? He does it all, rivers, mountain and forests. He’ll use every opportunity to show off his perfect smellvestigation skills and demonstrate his mellow and laid back personality. You’re eating right in front of him? He’ll leave you your personal space and relies on his Jedi-Boxer mind tricks to conjure the food he so longingly gazes at. He gets along with everyone, walks nicely on the leash and is just the bestest boy. Grab your family, pets, friends and meet this cool, calm and collected hunk at the shelter.

Electrolyte PAWS

Electrolyte is a young male Rhodesian Ridgeback mix who is available for adoption from PAWS Atlanta in Decatur, GA.

Infuse your life with Electrolyte and discover the missing ingredient in your family! This medium sized ridgeback mix is slightly bashful in the beginning but warms up quickly to new faces. Inquisitive and curious, he loves smelling all the smells and does so with adorable grunting noises. Electrolyte is playful and dynamic, and his full-body wiggles aka tail wags and funny bunny hops will win you over in no time. At 1.5 years old, he is enthusiastic but very polite about it and will look for your approval every time you make eye-contact. If you’re looking for a faithful companion and energetic workout buddy, you’ve found your perfect match. He seems to get along well with other dogs, so bring your own pups to see if they’ll like him as much as we do.

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