Adoptable (Official) Georgia Dogs for January 5, 2018


Adoptable (Official) Georgia Dogs for January 5, 2018

Bulldogs are the most popular breed in Georgia this weekend, and many are surprised to learn that some are available for adoption through rescue groups. If you have your heart set on adopting an English Bulldog, please educate yourself on the breed’s unique needs and frequent medical issues. Georgia English Bulldog Rescue is the state’s premier organization for unwanted or abandoned bulldogs, and they’ll help you decide if you’re prepared to care for an English Bulldog.


Drake is a three-year old male English Bulldog who is available for adoption from Georgia English Bulldog Rescue.


Tubs is a male English Bulldog mix who is available for adoption from Angels Among Us Rescue in Alpharetta, GA.

My names is Tubs, but I’m not Tubby. I am a rather svelte Bulldog, made of pure muscle and face wrinkles.

I am three years old and I am a fun guy that likes to play. Because I’m a bulldog I play kind of rough, and so I am not a dog for kids. I’m more of a dog for dudes (or dude-ettes).

I get along great with other dogs. My current best friend is a golden retriever.

I have good house manners. I like my crate and will put myself to bed there when I am tired. I’m not a barker, but I do snort and snore like a champ. I like to have a dog bed in the living room to watch TV. I’m not allowed on the sofa in our house – but if you wanted I could be an excellent sofa dog.

I am a good car rider and leash walker. I’d like a forever friend who takes me places.

I need a forever person who understands Bulldogs. I am sweet but stubborn. I need my forever person to be more stubborn than me. If my person is a strong leader, then I am an excellent follower.

For inquiries, email [email protected]


Persia is a seven-year old female English Bulldog who is available for adoption from Angels Among Us Rescue in Alpharetta, GA.

Persia is looking for more than a Football Buddy- she is looking to score a touchdown with a new forever home. She is a good girl; just needs the right playing field. Persia is a 7-year-old, 50 pound English Bulldog. Persia responds to the name Nola. She is working on house training. She likes submissive dogs with a very slow introduction; Persia has an alpha dog personality. She loves belly rubs, treats, and cuddles. Persia needs to be in a home with no small children. She does have skin and eye issues that will need care. Needs eye drops twice a day for the rest of her life. She does best on a grain free diet with weekly baths. Persia does get some irritation in her skin folds on her face- these need to be kept dry and clean. Persia wants to know if you are up for the draft for her Fantasy Football- she wants to be on your team!

Make a donation in this dog’s name at
For inquiries, email [email protected]

Back in 2014, Georgia English Bulldog Rescue brought two of their dogs to the Georgia State Capitol to lobby on behalf of the “Official State Dog” legislation.

Meaty Zeus Capitol inside

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