Georgia Politics, Campaigns, and Elections for July 12, 2016


Georgia Politics, Campaigns, and Elections for July 12, 2016

John Percival, an Irish Member of Parliament who served as a Georgia Trustee, was born on July 12, 1733.

In the British House of Commons, Percival served on the committee on jails with a young member named James Oglethorpe, who shared his idea about a new colony in North America for the deserving poor. Percival, like Oglethorpe became a Georgia Trustee, and during Georgia’s first decade, with Oglethorpe in America, Percival worked harder than anyone to champion Georgia’s cause and secure its future.

The United States Army Medal of Honor was created on July 12, 1862 when President Abraham Lincoln signed legislation authorizing the award.

The first U.S. Army soldiers to receive what would become the nation’s highest military honor were six members of a Union raiding party who in 1862 penetrated deep into Confederate territory to destroy bridges and railroad tracks between Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Atlanta, Georgia.

Lt. Frank Reasoner of Kellogg, Idaho died in action on July 12, 1965 and was later posthumously awarded the first Medal of Honor to a United States Marines.

On July 12, 1984, Congresswoman Geradine Ferraro (R-NY) joined the Democratic ticket with Presidential nominee Walter Mondale. Ferraro was the first woman and first Italian-American woman nominated for Vice President. Mondale and Ferraro lost the General Election in the largest ever Republican landslide to Republican President Ronald Reagan and Vice President George Bush.

Georgia Politics, Campaigns, and Elections

Jim Galloway of the AJC writes from Cleveland about Dale Jackson’s unsuccessful attempt to include medical marijuana in the platform proposed by the Republican National Convention’s Platform Committee meeting.

Dale Jackson, a heating and air-conditioning man and father of an 8-year-old autistic son, flew up to the site of the Republican National Convention on Monday, to ask his party’s platform committee to endorse the use of medicinal marijuana where appropriate.

“I knew that this issue was a long shot. Traditionally speaking, the RNC tends to be behind the general public and public sentiment. I was prepared for the failure of the amendment,” said Jackson, who took the rebuke hard. “Like other defeats in the past, I will continue on to fight for my son and his medicine.”

Jackson is chairman of the Third District [Georgia] GOP. The very conservative congressional district stretches from metro Atlanta to Columbus. Jackson has been active in state Rep. Allen Peake’s effort to legalize the use of medicinal marijuana in Georgia. An effort to permit a few licensed companies to grow the drug for therapeutic use failed this session.

Republicans killed an effort to permit states to bar welfare recipients from purchasing junk food – a position that brought a Georgia delegate into the debate. Scott Johnson of Marietta said such restrictions, attempted in some states, expose retailers to uncertain and often hair-splitting regulation.

Jackson had the support of the two Georgia delegates, Johnson and Rayna Casey. But it was Eric Brakey of Maine, a young state senator who chairs his chamber’s health and human services committee, who introduced the amendment to the RNC platform.

The Platform Committee also voted on several other changes to the party’s platform.


A  ballot committee will work in opposition to the Opportunity School District Constitutional Amendment on the November ballot.

Called the Committee to Keep Georgia Schools Local, the group includes the Georgia Association of Educators, the Georgia AFL-CIO, Better Georgia, the Concerned Black Clergy of Metro Atlanta and a half-dozen other organizations. They kicked off a statewide campaign over the weekend at Piedmont Park.

It’s another sign that the opponents of Deal’s plan to create an Opportunity School District are trying to muster their forces ahead of a contentious vote. The measure, which gives the state the power to take control of persistently failing schools, must be approved in a November referendum.

The public unveiling came after the National Education Association disclosed plans for a statewide campaign to derail the initiative.

Leading Democrats and some influential educators groups have staunchly opposed the plan, fearing it gives the governor’s office far too much power.

Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle will be in Rome, Georgia today to meet with Floyd County Schools Superintendent John Jackson and the County Board of Education at 11 AM and speak at the Rome Rotary Club at noon.

Suspended DeKalb County CEO Burrell Ellis is appealing his conviction on corruption charges, according to the AJC.

Former Chatham Area Transit Executive Director Chadwick Reese was sentenced to seven years in federal prison for mail fraud related to bid rigging at the agency.

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Robert Burney awarded custody of the traveling Bible that belonged to the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. to the Estate of Martin Luther King Jr. Inc. while ownership of King’s Nobel Prize remains to be decided.

Protestors in Atlanta held a sit-in at the Governor’s Mansion, while Gov. Nathan Deal was out of the country on a trade trip to Germany. Black Lives Matter supporters also met for a vigil in Savannah’s Forsyth Park on Sunday.

In Macon, District Attorney David Cooke, Macon-Bibb Mayor Robert Reichert, former Mayor C. Jack Ellis, current county commissioners, and Bibb County Sheriff David Davis joined about 300 others at a prayer vigil at First Baptist Church of Macon.

Bryan County voters are heading to the polls to decide Republican Primary runoff elections for Solicitor General and Bryan County Board of Education vice chair. In Gwinnett County, voters in a single precinct will be able to vote in the Republican Primary Runoff for State House District 81 between Jim Duffie and Lane Flynn.

In Columbus, GA, increasing convcern over gun violence prompts a gun buyback event from 2-6 PM today.

Snellville is hosting an event promoting unity at 7 PM on the Town Green on Thursday, in the wake of recent shootings across the nation.

The Cobb County Board of Education is holding meetings at 8:30 AM and 6 PM today to discuss setting the property tax millage rate at the same level as last year, which will result in higher property tax bills for some property owners.

Augusta Mayor Hardie Davis helped break ground for the first of three solar installations in a partnership with the city government, Inman Solar, and Georgia Power.

Researchers off the Georgia coast have spotted Manatees further offshore than previously expected.

Researchers recently tracked a group of the animals in open ocean about three miles off the Georgia coast.

Trip Kolkmeyer, a marine mammal technician with Georgia Department of Natural Resources, said it was surprising to see the manatees swimming so far off the coast. He and other researchers believe they have an explanation.

“It looks like a female was pursued by a group of males,” he said.

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