Secretary of State Kemp disqualifies five candidates


Secretary of State Kemp disqualifies five candidates

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – Today Secretary of State Brian Kemp issued his final decision in candidate challenges for five contests on the upcoming May 24 General Primary and Nonpartisan Election ballot.

To initiate a candidate challenge, an elector residing within a district must submit a complaint to the Secretary of State’s office alleging grounds for the disqualification of a candidate. The Secretary of State may also initiate a challenge upon his or her own motion.

When an elector’s challenge is received by the office, a hearing is requested at the Office of State Administrative Hearings where the challenged candidate may present evidence establishing his or her qualifications for the office. An OSAH judge reports his or her findings on the evidence to the Secretary of State who then determines whether a candidate is qualified or not qualified to remain on the ballot.

Four candidates have been disqualified from running for office in the Georgia General Assembly. District Attorney candidate, William Jeremy Salter, has been deemed qualified to run for office in the Rome Judicial Circuit in May.

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