Adoptable Georgia Dogs for April 6, 2016


Adoptable Georgia Dogs for April 6, 2016


Johnnie is a medium-sized adult male Pit Bull Terrier mix who is available for adoption from Fulton County Animal Services in Atlanta, GA. All month long, Fulton Animal Services offers discounted $25 adoption for all dogs over 25 pounds or cats. You can also take Johnnie or any of the other dogs at Fulton Animal Services out in their “Dog for the Day” program.


Tyler is an adult Australian Shepherd and Labrador Retriever mix male who is available for adoption from STARS Save The Animals Rescue Society of Georgia Statesboro, GA.

Tyler is a very handsome young man. He is a very gentle and loving dog and good with other dogs. A bit shy around people he doesn’t know.


Billy is an adult male Dachshund mix who is available for adoption from Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption Inc. in Smyrna, GA.

Billy is a tenderhearted little guy looking for true love. He may be a little reserved and timid at first, but give him a few treats and he will look at you like you hung the moon! Billy walks very well on leash – he will follow your lead even if you walk past something new and scary. Billy is great with other dogs and is learning how to play with toys. His best skill by far, however, is his ability to snuggle into your lap and take a snooze!

Henry is a young male Coonhound mix who is available for adoption from Animal Ark in Columbus, GA.

Henry is a white and tan speckled Coonhound mix with one partially blue eye that’s all nose. Sniffing here, sniffing there, sniffing everywhere! Henry’s a guy that needs a job. Need help around the yard? Need someone to chase off the squirrels? Or maybe you just need a good hiking buddy. If so, Henry is your guy! And after a day’s work, he’s totally up for a good snuggle session.

Harrison Jones

Harrison Q. Jones is an adult male Labrador Retriever and Rhodesian Ridgeback mix who is available for adoption from Laskey’s Lucky Ones & Volunteers (LLOV) East Point, GA.

Harrison is a big handsome boy! He loves to go on walks. He lives with an 8 year old doggy foster sister, and loves to play with doggy friends outside. He is very good in the car and likes to go for rides. In the house, Harrison is quiet and mild mannered. He is a complete couch potato. This 3 y.o. love bug has learned commands as well as room and yard boundaries. He has been crate trained, but gets anxious when left alone for too long. Harrison wants nothing more then to be your lap dog!

It’s not a “perp walk,” but a “pork walk.”

Kudos to Peach County Sheriff’s Deputy Jason Spielman who grabbed a leash, put it on a pig and walked the porcine wanderer back home.

As for the pig, a woman called 911 shortly before 6 p.m. Sunday about finding it in her backyard on Gracewood Road, a dirt road off not too far from U.S. 341.

“I’m thinking it’s a wild hog, like one of these feral hogs,” Spielman said. “And I’m thinking, ‘Oh man, I gotta deal with this,’ because those things are nasty.”

But Spielman instead found a friendly domestic pig that took a shine to him.

When the pig started to walk up the road, Spielman decided to walk with him. The deputy did not want the pig to get struck by a vehicle. He used a walking stick to keep the pig near the side of the road.

The pig, a family pet, had escaped from its pen and wandered away from its Norwood Springs Road home.

“Something just struck me as strange because he didn’t act like a farm animal,” said Spielman, who was glad he took the time to befriend the pig.

The deputy named the pig “Pork Chop” and posted photos on his Facebook page.

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