Adoptable Georgia Dogs for April 5, 2016


Adoptable Georgia Dogs for April 5, 2016


Cookie is a 4.5 year-old, 45-pound female Catahoula Leopard Dog mix who is available for adoption from Catahoula Rescue Southeast in Augusta, GA.

She is great with children and other dogs, NO farm animals. She loves chasing squirrels, makes the best bed or couch partner and sleeps in the bed with the owner. She loves to ride in the car/truck with her head out the window. She has been to hundreds of schools with her owner and she has visited with special ed classes on a few occasion. Cookie loves water (but actually doesn’t care for swimming pools), she loves to ride in boats and loves to ride jet ski’s. She fetches, sits, shakes, and plays dead.

She does pretty good on a leash walking but does especially well when she is jogging wit the owner. So if you want a best friend for the beach, boat or to go jogging with then Cookie is your girl. Please EMAIL

Toby Keith

Toby Keith is a 5-year old Chihuahua who is available for adoption from CSRA Chihuahua Rescue, Inc. in Martinez, GA.

He needs a home where he can get the special attention he deserves because he is rather shy and tends to hide from all the activity of the other dogs in his current situation. He is particularly fond of men because his previous owner was a man.


Beat is a young female Greyhound who is available for adoption from Greyhound Crossroads in Martinez, GA.

Beat is a beautiful, young, red, female greyhound that just arrived from Julia Ward’s farm in Abilene Kansas. She just wasn’t interested in racing or chasing the lure so she stayed on the farm and never completed the registration process and doesn’t have a racing name. Her littermates, WW Don’t Touch, WW’s RightWithme and WWs Scramble are all racing now. Beat’s sire is Gable Sour Cream and her dam is WWK Cold June. She is young and just turned 2 on December 23rd. Beat was also uninterested in chasing cats so easily passed her cat and small dog tests. She travels very well and just laid down and didn’t seem to mind other dogs and humans stepping over her. She seems like a calm friendly girl.

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