Adoptable Georgia Dogs for February 22, 2016


Adoptable Georgia Dogs for February 22, 2016


Nikon is an adult male American Bulldog and English Bulldog mix who is available for adoption from the Dawson County Humane Society in Dawsonville, GA.

He loves to play fetch although he doesn’t always bring the toy back =). Small children tend to make him anxious, but around older ones he is good.

Jasper Douglasville

Jasper is an adult female English Bulldog and American Bulldog mix who is available for adoption from Douglas County Animal Control in Douglasville, GA.


Moose is an adult male English Bulldog mix who is available for adoption from Emanuel County Humane Society in Swainsboro, GA.

Moose is Netuered and Heartworm Negative. He gets along great with other dogs.

This weekend, the BarkPost ran a story on the Official State Dog of Georgia legislation.

How many times in life have you thought that a dog represented you well? Perhaps even so well that they should have something a little special, like say a government-designated title?

The dogs at BarkPost’s NYC office have been barking up a storm ever since they caught wind that their adoptable furry brethren in Georgia may just have the chance to have the coolest designation ever – the official state dog of Georgia. That’s right, the pooches at BarkPost’s office are preemptively celebrating by running through the halls with bacon-scented streamers, binging on chicken jerky treats while splayed out on the couches (and even some desks) and working on their pawtographs because you know, they were adoptable once, too.

Introduced this past Tuesday, House Bill 561 (HB 561), would make “the adoptable dog” the official state dog of Georgia. The bill passed through the Georgia House without any objection.

State Representative Joe Wilkinson, R-Sandy Springs, was the perfect person to introduce the bill in March of 2015. Why? Because he was dressed for the occasion, wearing a Vineyards Vines tie called “Booze Hound.” The tie featured a Bloodhound sallied up with a martini glass. For this Tuesday’s introduction and vote, Rep. Wilkinson chose a Brooks Brothers blue tie, accented with yellow Labradors, who also sported their own ties.

He hopes that introducing HB 561 will bring “attention to the plight of these homeless animals.”

As for us, we’re keeping our paws are crossed and hoping this Bill passes and helps to find forever homes for Georgia’s adoptable pups! wrote about the financial effects of the Official State Dog bill.

Wilkinson said his reasons for pushing the bill were not only for the animals’ welfare, but also financial.

“Some shelters spend $15 a day to house each animal, but that price can go as high as $40 — it’s hard to get an accurate estimate because of this,” he said. “We do know at least $250,000 was spent in Georgia shelters in 2015, and that number could go as high as $500,000. We’re talking millions of dollars to house these animals!”

Now that the bill has been passed by the House, it goes on to the Senate “sometime in March,” Wilkinson said.

“My goal is to enrich the lives of our citizens as well as help the shelters,” he said. “An adopted pet is a lifelong gift.”

Senator Ellis Black and several of his colleagues offered competing legislation, Senate Bill 410, which would name the English Bulldog the Official State Dog.

Maybe they didn’t hear that Georgia English Bulldog Rescue came to the Capitol to support the Official State Dog act? Sounds like an opening for some lobbying by rescued English Bulldogs.

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