Lynn Westmoreland retiring – here are some folks who might be interested


Lynn Westmoreland retiring – here are some folks who might be interested

Various sources are reporting that Congressman Lynn Westmoreland (R-Senoia) will retire from Congress. From Politico,

Six-term Rep. Lynn Westmoreland (R-Ga.), a longstanding and respected conservative in the House Republican Conference, announced his retirement Thursday, saying it “it is time to pass the torch to our next conservative voice.

“Washington, D.C. is a much different environment in 2016 than when I was elected in 2004,” Westmoreland said in a statement.

Westmoreland’s district, which includes the southern suburbs of Atlanta, is safely Republican. But the election to replace the 65-year-old lawmaker may still be hard-fought during the primary. A trio of open GOP primaries in Georgia last election devolved into proxy fights over Republican leadership, with some candidates running on a pledge not to vote for Boehner for speaker of the House.

“I look forward to this next chapter in my life; returning to my community and spending more time with family and friends,” he said in the statement.

So, to begin the speculation, let’s see which Georgia Republican legislators have districts that overlap with the Third Congressional District:

Georgia Senate
Josh McKoon
Marty Harbin
Mike Crane
John F. Kennedy
Mike Dugan
Rick Jeffares

Georgia State House
Kevin Cooke
Dustin Hightower
Randy Nix
Lynn Smith
David Stover
Matt Ramsey
John Yates
David Knight
Johnnie Caldwell
John Pezold

Are there any I missed? Anyone else or have any of the above legislators already taken themselves out of the running?

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