Adoptable Georgia Dogs for December 29, 2015


Adoptable Georgia Dogs for December 29, 2015

The good folks at Country Livin’ Pet Rescue have found themselves in a bit of a financial pickle, with veterinary bills piling up. A dog who has come down with Parvo is expensive, whether it be for a rescue group or a family. There are three ways you can help this fine organization:

1. Donate online via this link;

2. If you’d prefer to send a check, please email the rescue group; or

3. Phone the vet, Happy Tails, at 678-963-5004 and make a credit card payment to donate toward the bills of Country Livin’.

Folks are sometimes surprised at what seems like high fees to adopt a mutt through a rescue group. But you’re not just paying for “a dog,” you’re paying to support the rescue that gave their blood, sweat, tears, and money to save the dog who suddenly broke with parvo or the dog who came into a public shelter with a broken leg and had no one else to save their lives. This is especially true with smaller rescue groups.

Veterinarians often offer credit and reduced rates to rescue groups, but the bills can pile up fast, and a single canine illness can threaten a group’s ability to continue its mission. It’s not too late to be a Christmas miracle for someone.


Coco is a sweet little (6lb) Chihuahua who found herself being taken to a kill shelter after becoming pregnant. It wasn’t Coco’s fault her family didn’t have her spayed, yet she almost paid the ultimate price. Coco is housebroken, crate trained and gets along with other dogs. Cats – not so much :-) Like many Chihuahua’s, Coco has a slight heart murmur but that doesn’t keep her down. Her favorites things to do are to sit in your lap, go for rides in the car and go for long walks. Coco is estimated at 2 – 3 years old and she is available for adoption from Country Livin’ Pet Rescue in Metro Atlanta.


Gunnar is a beautiful 1-year old blue merle male aussie. He is young and playful, but can be shy meeting new people. Gunnar is great with other dogs, good with kids and good with cats. He is a very cool dude that is looking for his own family. Gunnar doesn’t understand why he doesn’t have his own family and is hoping someone will adopt him soon so he can bond with them and have someone to go on walks with, play ball with, etc. Could you be that person? Gunnar is available for adoption from Country Livin’ Pet Rescue in Metro Atlanta.


Lola is a super fun-loving 10-12 month old German Shepherd Dog mix girl. She is crate trained, housebroke, and tons of fun! She knows sit, down, shake and is working on other commands. She loves to play with other dogs or people, likes toys, and gives kisses. She has a scar on one side of her face that we aren’t quite sure how she got, but it is all healed up now. She is a sweet young girl that needs a chance! Lola is available for adoption from Country Livin’ Pet Rescue in Metro Atlanta.

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