Georgia Politics, Campaigns, and Elections for August 7, 2015


Georgia Politics, Campaigns, and Elections for August 7, 2015

The first printed copy of the Declaration of Independence arrived in Savannah on August 8, 1776 and was read publicly for the first time on August 10, 1776.

General George Washington created the Purple Heart on August 7, 1782. Click here for an interesting history of the award.

On August 7, 1790, a delegation of Creeks met with the United States Secretary of War and signed the Treaty of New York, ceding all land between the Ogeechee and Oconee Rivers to Georgia.

On August 8, 1863, General Robert E. Lee offered his resignation in a letter to Confederate President Jefferson Davis, following the Battle of Gettysburg.

Theodore Roosevelt, who served as President from 1901 to 1909, was nominated for President by the Progressive Party, also called the Bull Moose Party, on August 7, 1912.

Herman E. Talmadge was born on August 9, 1913, son of Eugene Talmadge, who later served as Governor. Herman Talmadge himself served as Governor and United States Senator from Georgia.

The first Georgia state Motor Fuel Tax was enacted on August 10, 1921, when Governor Thomas Hardwick signed legislation imposing a one-cent per gallon tax.

On August 8, 1925, Georgia Governor Clifford Walker signed legislation outlawing the brazen act of dancing publicly on Sunday.

On August 8, 1929, Georgia Governor Lamartine Hardman signed legislation placing on the ballot for Fulton and Campbell County voters a merger of the two.

Campbell County Courthouse Fairburn GA 3

The old Campbell County Courthouse still stands in Fairburn, Georgia.

On August 7, 1942, Marine forces landed at Guadalcanal.

Voters ratified a new version of the State Constitution on August 7, 1945. Among the new features was the establishment of the State Board of Corrections to ensure humane conditions.

The board was directed to be more humane in its treatment of prisoners and abolished whippings, leg irons, and chains. Until 1945, prisoners in Georgia could expect to have heavy steel shackles put on by a blacksmith upon arrival. They were then taken out to work under severe conditions.

The caravan bearing 43 ounces of Dahlonega gold to be used in covering the Georgia State Capitol dome reached the Capitol and delivered it to Governor Marvin Griffin on August 7, 1958.

On August 7, 1964, Congress passed the Tonkin Gulf Resolution, which would be used as the legal basis for U.S. involvement in Vietnam.

Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew were nominated for President and Vice President by the Republican National Convention on August 8, 1968.

On August 8, 1974, President Richard Nixon resigned, effective at noon the next day.

On August 9, 1988, President Ronald Reagan announced his nomination of Dr. Lauro Cavazos as Secretary of Education, succeeding William Bennett. Cavazos was the first Hispanic to serve in a Presidential Cabinet position. Interestingly, he was born on the King Ranch.

On August 9, 1990, voters in the City of Athens and Clarke County chose to unify the two governments into Athens-Clarke County government.

Georgia Politics, Campaigns, and Elections


I’ll be live from the Red State Gathering today on Georgia Public Broadcasting’s “Political Rewind.” You can tune in on 88.5 FM in the Metro Atlanta area, listen live online, or on your local GPB radio station.

This weekend, the epicenter of the 2016 GOP Presidential campaign comes to town as the Red State Gathering convenes at the InterContinental Hotel in Buckhead. Full weekend tickets have been sold out for some time, but Party Passes are still available. That’s probably the hot ticket anyway, as Donald Trump will be speaking at Saturday night’s Tailgate at the College Football Hall of Fame.

Check out the full Gathering agenda here. Presidential candidates in Atlanta this week include: WI Governor Scott Walker, Carly Fiorina, LA Governor Bobby Jindal, former TX Governor Rick Perry, former FL Governor Jeb Bush, Senator Marco Rubio, former AR Governor Mike Huckabee, and Senator Ted Cruz. Atlanta’s own former Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran will speak as well.

The Ted Cruz presidential campaign has named its Georgia leadership:

The group, led by Ralph Hudgens and Congressman Jody Hice, will aid in building Cruz’s grassroots network in the Peach State, which will vote in the March 1st “Super Tuesday” primary. State Sens. Mike Crane, Marty Harbin, William Ligon, and Josh McKoon will co-chair.

This Saturday, Sen. Cruz will speak at the 7th Annual Red State Gathering in Atlanta and then take his “Cruz Country” bus tour through Newnan and Midland. Event schedule may be found at

“Sen. Cruz is the kind of principled conservative we need to stop the Washington Cartel of establishment politicians and special interests who govern to enrich themselves before the American people,” said Georgia Chairman Ralph Hudgens. “I am proud to serve as his Georgia Chairman and lead this incredibly strong team of Georgia leaders.”

“I’ve known Sen. Cruz as a man of great strength of character and I’m deeply honored to serve in this role,” said Congressman Jody Hice.

In addition to top-level electeds, Cruz announced a full statewide grassroots team. Click here for the full roster.

The AJC Political Insider writes that Congressman Doug Collins (R-Gainesville) will chair Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s Peach State team.

“We believe Georgia’s March primary will prove to be a critical contest on the path to the Republican nomination, and we intend to campaign hard in the state. We appreciate Congressman Collins’ gracious support and look forward to working alongside him as we share our message of fighting and winning with the people of Georgia and America.”

“Gov. Walker represents the best of America,” said Collins. “He is a man who lives the values of faith and hard work that make this country great. He has not only fought for conservative values, but he has actually won. That is why I am proud to announce my support for Gov. Walker.”

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush will hold a fundraiser in Forsyth County tomorrow night.

Jeb Bush Atlanta 08082015 sm

Scott Walker Banner

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker will make an appearance at Lovie’s Barbecue, 3420 Piedmont Road Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30305 in Buckhead for lunch on Saturday. Click here to sign up for free tickets.
Perry President Header

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry will hold a fundraiser on Friday, August 7, 2015 at 1 PM at the City Club of Buckhead, 3343 Peachtree Rd, Ste 1850, Atlanta, GA 30326. Click here for the R.s.v.p.

Rubio Header

United States Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) will hold a reception at the home of Arielle and Ehud Levy on Friday, August 7, 2015 from 6-7:30 PM at 388 Beverly Rd, Atlanta, GA 30309.

For questions or to RSVP, please contact Sarah Robinson at 601-826-7347 or or Caitlyn Cooper at


On Saturday, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee will speak to the 8th Congressional District GAGOP Fish Fry in Perry, Georgia. See the flyer below for more information.

Fish Fry

Ted Cruz Georgia Tour 07302015

And, of course, United States Senator Ted Cruz will be touring the state, beginning in Savannah.

Tomorrow at 3:30 PM, the Cruz Bus Tour pulls in to Sprayberry’s on Jackson Street in Newnan for a Grassroots Rally.

Finally, Cruz will headline a Muscogee County Republican Party fundraiser at Solid Rock Church in Midland, GA.

So far, Barbecue is the leading Georgia candidate for President. That has the be the Georgia industry that is benefitting most from the SEC Primary.

Live from Cleveland

Georgia Republicans Brant Frost V and Katie Frost accompanied the Ted Cruz campaign to the Cleveland RNC debate last night and sent in some photos to give you an idea what it was like in person.

Quicken Loans Arena Debate

Here’s Katie waiting for the debate to start.

Katie Frost Cleveland600

Empty Debate State600

Cleveland Stage Begins to fill

Arena Brant

If I’m not mistaken, that’s the back of Brant’s head.

Candidates Entering

The candidates enter the stage via cattle chute, with Donald Trump waving to the crowd, then they huddle onstage singly and in small groups.

Debate Huddle

Members of the Republican National Convention, in town for a meeting and the debate, filled the center section on the floor. I’m pretty sure Georgia’s GOP Chair John Padgett, Executive Director Adam Pipkin, and National Committee Members Linda Herren and Randy Evans are in there, but if you can pick them out, your eyes are better than mine.

Cleveland Debate RNC

Tim Echols on the Obama Clean Power Rule

Georgia Public Service Commissioner Tim Echols wrote an op-ed for the Atlanta Business Chronicle about how the Obama EPA’s Clean Power Rule will affect Georgia families.

The good thing about listening to political speeches is you find out the real reason why things happen.

Yeah, right.

That’s the case with the so called “Clean Power Plan” and the president’s official roll-out of it Monday. And while the president has a right to his own opinion, even about energy, his Environmental Protection Agency’s “Clean Power Plan” is a mistake. Let me explain.

Fallacy No. 1: If we lead the way, the world will follow.

The president said, “The only reason that China is getting serious about their emissions is because of us.” Throughout his speech, and throughout the comment period of this new EPA rule, the Obama administration assumes that if America will only get serious about climate change, the world will follow.

But can the world afford to follow us?

Truth be told, Germany has led the way in energy transformation. They declared war on coal and nuclear, and set an unbelievable goal to be at 50 percent renewable by 2030 and 80 percent by 2050.

German families now pay three times what most Americans pay for power. Companies like BMW are moving certain manufacturing processes “offshore” to America because of the cheap energy prices, particularly to states like South Carolina and Georgia. They’re learning about the true costs of government-mandated clean power.

The president’s ideas sound much like the German experiment. My guess is that India, China and other countries will smile and nod at the president, but then spend billions buying the very coal we used to burn. Sadly, their plants will not be near as clean-burning as ours, and the net result in the world after the president’s plan could be an increase in carbon—instead of a reduction.

At the Georgia Public Service Commission, we have gone to great lengths to create a diverse portfolio to protect our ratepayers. This rule unravels all the planning we have done for the last 20 years.

Under this rule, a good economy becomes our enemy, and a polar vortex could trigger a substantial fuel cost increase.

Under this rule, the EPA would force us to abandon another 3900 MW of fossil generation without regard to the $5 billion invested to install environmental controls.

I can only hope that a court might grant a stay of this rule until the costs to ratepayers can be properly analyzed and compared to the alleged benefits.

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