Georgia Politics, Campaigns, and Elections for March 16, 2015


Georgia Politics, Campaigns, and Elections for March 16, 2015

On March 16, 1861, delegates in Savannah unanimously ratified the Confederate Constitution and voted to have a new state constitution drafted.

On March 16, 1976, former Georgia Governor Jimmy Carter won the Illinois Democratic Primary. His spiritual successor President Barack Obama, from Illinois, would visit Carter’s home state of Georgia on March 16, 2012.

Georgia Republican Party County Convention Straw Polls

Here are the results we have so far – if your county held a straw poll and it’s not included, please email us the results.

Gwinnett Dawson GARCC Muscogee
Scott Walker 77 12 39% 23
Ben Carson 20 1 10% 4
Rand Paul 12 1 16% 2
Ted Cruz 7 7% 4
Jeb Bush 6 1 6% 5
Marco Rubio 5 2 3% 2
Bobby Jindal 5
Mike Huckabee 3 1 6%
Rick Perry 2 1 3%
Allen West 2
Chris Christie 2 1
Carly Fiorina 1 1
John Kasich
Rick Santorum 3
Mitt Romney 1 write-in
Undecided 2 10%*

* Georgia Association of Republican County Chairmen reported 10% as Other/Undecided.

For a little perspective on the predictive value of straw polls, the Georgia GOP Straw Poll in August 2011 showed the leading candidates for 2012 being:

1 Herman Cain 26% 232
2 Ron Paul 25.7% 229
3 Rick Perry 20% 179
4 Newt Gingrich 18% 162
5 Mitt Romney 6% 51
6 Michele Bachmann 3% 29
7 Rick Santorum .4% 4

Congratulations to my Republican Leadership for Georgia Class of 2013 classmates Rose Wing, who was elected Chair of the Cobb County Republican Party and Trey Kelley, who was elected Chair of the Fulton County Republican Party. Rich Carithers was elected Chair of the Gwinnett County Republican Party. Brian Anderson was elected Chair of DeKalb County Republican Party.

We’re holding our own online straw poll and will do so periodically as we go through the 2016 election cycle. Vote here.

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Other political news

Former DeKalb County Commissioner Elaine Boyer is scheduled to be sentenced after pleading guilty to federal charges of official corruption. Unless it’s delayed again.

The Georgia Senate approved its own version of Medical Marijuana legislation, significantly more narrow than the House version. Only Sen. Curt Thompson (D-Gwinnett), who introduced legislation for a statewide vote on full legalization for adults, voted against the measure.

This week is Sunshine Week, to promote the importance of public access to government information.

Warner Robins City Council is considering a “Poultry Freedom” ordinance that would allow hens to be kept inside the city limits.

Cherokee County legislators discuss the status of bills that passed one house of the General Assembly before Crossover Day and those that failed.

A North Georgia teen is raising money to buy off-road wheelchairs for veterans.

Tesla Motors gained the right to sell their electric cars directly to Georgia consumers under legislation passed by the State House.

The Craft Beer Jobs Bill got watered down, but still made the cut, passing the State Senate.

Congratulations to Joyette Holmes, who has been sworn in as Chief Magistrate for Cobb County.

Walter Jones of Morris News writes about bills that didn’t make the crossover deadline.

House Resolution 37, Senate Resolution 27: These two constitutional amendments sought to lower the minimum age for election to the Senate from 25 to 21 and for election to the House of Representatives from 21 to 18. They were proposed by an Augusta-area middle school student whose videos about national politics have gone viral on the internet.

House Bill 2/Senate Resolution 135: These would have let voters decide next year whether to expand legalized gambling to horse racing.

HB 56: This bill would have limited the use of no-knock search warrants.

HB 112: Police would not have been able to use technology to detect human activity through walls, roofs and other building structures without first obtaining a search warrant.

DeKalb County Interim CEO Lee May argues that the City of Atlanta delegation to the General Assembly has no legal authority to annex areas currently outside the City.

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