Adoptable Georgia Dogs for March 3, 2015


Adoptable Georgia Dogs for March 3, 2015

Georgia English Bulldog Rescue is a group that you would think should’t exist – they’re a breed-specific rescue for the dogs that are somehow connected to college football in a state that’s crazy about college football. But it turns out that English Bulldogs are high-maintenance and their vets bills can get very high. Which, of course, leads to some dogs not being treated and ending up in shelters and rescue groups with a long list of veterinary needs. Indeed, most of their adoptable dogs are on medical holds at the moment.

To support Georgia English Bulldog Rescue, please visit their website and look for the “Donate” button or buy some of their merchandise.

Or if you’re feeling festive, you can attend their Bully Ball this Saturday, March 7, 2015 at the St. Regis in Buckhead.


Leila is a six-year old female English Bulldog who was rescued from a puppy mill and then ended up in a home where she was neglected. Despite that and some medical issues, she still loves to give kisses.

Leila Kisses


Riley is an adult male English Bulldog who was abandoned with his brother when his family moved away. He had some medical issues and remains on medication, but he’s been cleared to look for a new home. If you’re interested in adopting Riley, contact Georgia English Bulldog Rescue.


Tuck is a 90-pound adult male English Bulldog with a sweet, laid-back temperament who craves human affection and belly rubs. To adopt Tuck, contact Georgia English Bulldog Rescue.

Tuck Roll Over

If you love English Bulldogs, join us in Room 403 of the Capitol tomorrow, March 4, as State Rep. Joe Wilkinson (R-Sandy Springs) unveils legislation designating the Official State Dog of Georgia. I won’t tell you what kind of dog it will be, but we do plan to have two English Bulldogs in attendance lobbying for the measure.

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