Sen. Johnny Isakson & Sen. David Perdue: Georgia Will Gain More Cyber Defense Jobs


Sen. Johnny Isakson & Sen. David Perdue: Georgia Will Gain More Cyber Defense Jobs

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From Senator Johnny Isakson and Senator David Perdue


Isakson, Perdue Pleased Georgia Will Gain More Cyber Defense Jobs

Pledge full support for critical 21st century mission

U.S. Senators Johnny Isakson (R-GA) and David Perdue (R-GA) congratulated Georgia on the announcement by the National Guard Bureau that the state will gain a new Army National Guard cyber protection team, and pledged their full support for its adequate funding.

The National Guard Bureau announced Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2015, that Georgia will be the location of one of 10 new Army National Guard cyber protection teams to be established over the next three years. When mobilized for federal active duty, the cyber protection teams will provide surge support to Army Cyber Command and support defensive cyberspace operations.

The specific location in Georgia of this new cyber protection team has not yet been announced.

“This new cyber protection team being established in Georgia is the perfect complement to our state’s role in cyber security, as Georgia is home to the Army’s newly formed Cyber Center of Excellence,” Senator Isakson said. “In this modern age of complex electronic threats, cyber security is vital to our homeland security. I am committed to ensuring that this new Georgia-based asset receives the support necessary to accomplish its mission.”

“The National Guard’s new cyber protection team is a great addition to Georgia,” said Senator Perdue. “Its presence reflects Georgia’s important role in our nation’s cyber security efforts. Given these challenging times, this specialized training will enable Georgians to not only boost our nation’s defense capabilities, but our economy as well.”

In addition to Georgia, the state of California will house one of the new cyber protection teams, and the states of Indiana, Michigan and Ohio will jointly house a team. The locations of the seven other new Army Guard cyber protection teams will be announced later.


The cyber protection teams will be stationed around the country and will be staffed by National Guard citizen-soldiers. Soldiers assigned to them will train and operate on a traditional part-time basis in support of their respective states National Guard and governors.

The announcement of the locations for the teams followed a careful review of 32 nominations, representing 45 states, territories and the District of Columbia seeking consideration for one of the 10 cyber protection teams.

Once established, citizen-soldiers in each of the 10 cyber protection teams will undergo specialized cyber training to qualify as Army Cyber Soldiers.

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